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SkyfendHunter AFA100

SkyfendHunter AFA100 Introducing

SkyFend's SkyHunter AFA100 is an efficient drone jamming device based on active countermeasure technology. The system uses the latest electronic jamming technology and signal processing technology, which can quickly detect, track, jam and shoot down enemy drones.

SkyHunter AFA100 supports AI to intelligently deal with full-band interference. It can carry out early warning and detection of different models and brands of drones, interfere with signals through spread spectrum or frequency hopping, quickly and automatically switch to the correct interference frequency and carry out corresponding counterattacks to ensure that threats are eliminated. 

SkyHunter AFA100 is easy to operate, with a visual interface, equipped with a touch screen aligned with the muzzle, users can easily obtain intrusion information and set the drone gun.

Skyfend C2

The Skyfend AFA100 is light and compact, with a body weight as low as 6.5kg and an 8-hour battery life, providing excellent mobility in various scenarios.

SkyFendHunter AFA100 can be processed intelligently. The AI machine learning independently developed by SkyFend combines radar and radio information to analyze the threat level and enhance the automatic detection and warning functions to keep you vigilant at all times.

The communication protocol analysis technology of SkyHunter AFA100 is also powerful, the communication protocol algorithm will help users take over the drone through the protocol analysis of Wi-Fi and SDR control drone.

SkyFendHunter AFA100 was first released at IDEX 2023, and will demonstrate its excellent performance and high efficiency in the fields of military, homeland defense, special mission forces, police and security services, providing an ideal drone jamming and strike solution.

All in all, SkyFend's SkyHunter AFA100 is an efficient, reliable and easy-to-operate drone jamming rig. Its innovative technology and features make it one of the most advanced drone defense systems on the market. If you need a reliable drone jamming and strike system, the SkyHunter AFA100 is your best bet.

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