AI Smart Processing and Full-Band Jamming

Skyfend AFA100

Smart Drone Detection

AFA100 supports early warning and detection of different drone types and brands. Never miss a threat.

Automatic Frequency Adaptation

Once the drones are detected, the Jammer automatically switches to the correct jamming frequency and counters accordingly, ensuring the threat is neutralized.

Skyfend AFA100

Accurate Data Visualization

AFA100 is equipped with a touchscreen aligned with the muzzle, users can easily get the invasion information and set the drone gun.

Autel skyfend AFA100 Anti-drone jammer

Lightweight Compact Body

Lightweight at 6.5kg for ultimate mobility in various scenarios.

Autel skyfend AFA100 Anti-drone jammer
  • Autel AFA100 anti-drone

    No time wasted with 1 sec Identification
    and UAV flight control

  • Autel Skyfend AFA100

    Standby mode enhanced with automatic detection and warning so you are always alert

  • Autel skyfend afa100 4800mah battery

    8-hour battery life

  • Autel skyfend

    1 hour continuous pulse operation

  • Autel skyfend

    Detection and jamming capabilities
    in one portable drone gun

  • Autel skyfend

    Simple operation with no special
    training required

AI Smart Processing

Self-developed AI machine learning combines radar with radio information, and analyzes threat levels.

Autel AFA100 Jammer

Full-Band Jamming

Autel AFA100

Full-Band Jamming is a cutting-edge technology independently developed by SkyFend. It can jam the drone signals with spread spectrum or frequency hopping.

Skyfend AFA100

Communication Protocol Analysis Technology

SkyFend’s Communication Protocol Algorithm will help users take over drones through the protocol analysis of Wi-Fi and SDR controlled UAVs.



Dimension(H×W×D) 773 x345 x114 mm
Weight 6.5kg
Operation time Detection duration: ≥8 hours
Jamming output: ≥1 hour


Maximum interference distance


Jamming frequency band

400MHz~6GHz full band coverage interference

Detection frequency band

400MHz-6GHz full frequency band detection and identification

GNSS Interference

GNSS signal interference

Covering the global satellite positioning
signal types, e.g. GPS, GLONASS, Beidou, Galileo

Navigation decoy function

Decoy module can be added


Software update


Automatic matching of anti-drone frequency jamming band


Usage mode