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Police drone Autel enters the Nebraska State Patrol

Police drone Autel enters the Nebraska State Patrol

The Nebraska State Patrol recently welcomed a new member to their team — a police drone made by Autel. Equipped with advanced features such as real-time video streaming and high-resolution cameras, the Autel drone will assist police officers in highway patrolling, emergency response and search and rescue missions.

The ability of Autel drones to quickly survey wide areas and provide ground officials with valuable situational awareness will enhance the Nebraska State Patrol's ability to keep communities safe. The State Patrol is excited about the new addition to their team and believes the Autel drone will be a valuable asset to their efforts to maintain public safety.

Why Public Safety Needs Drones to Help Work?

scene one:

Public unrest can have a chain reaction. Crashes can close roads for hours and cost the public hundreds of hours, and police departments often require a team of officers to spend their time gathering evidence and directing traffic, which can be tedious and dangerous.

Scene two:

Wildfire fighting and property rescue. Huge forest wildfires are fatal hazards, and they have huge potential dangers to natural resource property, personal safety, and house safety. The fire department needs to pay huge manpower and material costs to determine the source of the wildfire, the danger of the fire, and the investigation of the fire scene. And fire fighting is a very dangerous and complicated job.

Ease of use and safety for Autel police drones

Nebraska officials drone

Autel drone is mainly in the shape of a quadcopter, with good image quality, flight performance and image transmission anti-interference ability. Featuring 3D mapping capabilities, the EVO II Pro quadcopter is revolutionizing incident response procedures, saving governments and the public thousands of hours and millions of dollars. These positive impacts continue to ripple across departments while increasing communication, innovation and efficiency across the state.

The Nebraska Patrol is equipped with an Autel quadcopter drone team that can be quickly deployed, set point to fly autonomously, accurately map the accident location, and investigate the accident.

A payload like the EVO II Pro's 6K 20MP camera can record thousands of frames at all angles and altitudes to create a 3D, high-resolution model of the site. A single unit can do this in a fraction of the time a larger ground team would need.

Benefits of Autel Drones for Patrols

Sergeants Matthew Maus and Ravi Singh of the Nebraska State Patrol have proposed launching their drone program in 2020. Drones used for photogrammetry alone are projected to save the state $2 million.

According to the Autel drone car accident scene investigation, the time was shortened from two and a half hours to 53 minutes, saving motorists millions of dollars.

Nebraska State Patrol’s Drone Program 640T

And Autel drones are doing just as well in wildfire rescue. "We had a five-month plan, and they had this huge wildfire, and the fire chief asked us to come out and see what we could do," Maus explained. “We started showing them some different capabilities, giving them GPS coordinates of hotspots, enabling them to use FLIR technology in an Autel 640T drone. By 2:00pm that day, they would be assigned to one of our aircraft Sending it home, basically doing what we're doing to save costs. Since then, we've had 11 or 12 wildfires in Nebraska last year alone."

The use of Autel drones will expand to other sectors thanks to the technology to create 3D maps. The State Patrol had planned to integrate drones into other departments within five years of adoption. The integration happened in less than a year.

Continuation and Breakthrough of Autel Drone Police UAV Drone Program

Nebraska State Patrol’s Drone Program

Capable of driving in gusts of 45 to 55 mph, the Autel EVO II Pro is easily integrated into existing operating procedures, coordinating with other departments and manned assets, while its low-light performance matches the EVO II's photographic The combined measurement capabilities allow departments to respond to incidents late at night or early in the morning.

The Autel EVO II Pro is easy to use, portable, and very easy to train officers on how to operate. Police drones don’t stop there, Autel drones also include RTK and GNSS systems to further improve their mapping accuracy.

The convenience and versatility of drones, combined with the initiative and creativity of the people who use them, have proven to be a valuable asset to police departments. The National Patrol is also planning to add more drones and pilots to its fleet, such as the Autel EVO II V3 series and EVO Max 4T, to serve the public in new ways.

In July 2022, Governor Pete Ricketts publicly recognized the department and its drone program. “As we move forward, I think the Autel drone will be a game changer for the entire drone program going forward because the drone kit is so easy to operate,” Maus said. “I don’t have to use a lot of systems to perform the mission Flying or something like that. It's an all-in-one package."

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