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oil pipelines inspection drone

Pipeline Inspection Drone | Drone Aerial Inspection

The sheer size of the oil and gas industry makes pipeline construction and pipeline inspections extremely challenging. The drone solution introduced by pipeline inspection and petrochemical patrol will optimize this workflow, improve the inspection efficiency and inspection quality, and make the petrochemical industry larger.

How drones are helping patrol petrochemical pipelines

Commercial drones can carry out fully automatic patrols. The automatic flight system empowers Autel Enterprise drones to perform automatic inspections of petrochemical pipelines. The flight tasks can be set in the mission plan, and inspections can be repeated multiple times in a single day. The efficiency is about 10 times higher than that of the traditional inspection method.

Manual inspection of oil pipelines

The inspection tasks of automated drones are easy to learn and operate, without the need for professional drone pilots, which greatly reduces the labor intensity and labor time of inspection operators.

The flexible deployment of multi-rotor drones and machine nests can also cover a wider range of pipeline drone inspections, realizing all-round monitoring, high-altitude vision, three-dimensional monitoring, and timely detection of abnormal situations.

Drones with thermal imaging can also detect abnormal temperature areas through thermal images, and track whether there is leakage in the pipeline area in time.

Advantages of pipeline inspection drones

Oil pipeline

Free labor

The petrochemical pipeline automatic inspection system realizes unattended in the field, one-key take-off, automatic patrol, and improves the efficiency of drone patrol.

Mission planning track

Based on the task planning function, the system automatically plans the route of the drone, and can also perform different task planning to improve the inspection efficiency and inspection quality.

Automatic take-off and landing

The flexible deployment of the multi-rotor drone and the nest will enable the drone to take off quickly, replenish power in time, and support high-frequency operations.

Automatic AI recognition, locking and shooting

The AI recognition technology of Autel Max series drones can track targets in time, accurately capture target objects through image recognition, and realize the identification and discovery of pipeline theft oil holes and pipeline cracks.

Choosing the Best Drone for Solar Inspections

    • Autel EVO II Dual 640T V3
    • Autel EVO II Dual 640T V3

    • Autel EVO MAX 4T
    • Autel EVO MAX 4T

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