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How To Protect My Drone from Being Hacked?

How To Protect My Drone from Being Hacked?

Drone technology has completely changed various industries, and the introduction of drone technology has brought new power to aviation photography and agriculture from search and rescue operations. However, with the increasing popularity of drones, users must realize that the possibility of drone safety risks and drone hackers is increasing.

As we all know, the operation of drones is operated according to the drone remote control. The middle relies on radio waves. Some remote controls are remote controls displayed with screens, and some are users' mobile phones/tablets.

Among them, the physical security and network security of drones are very important. Drone users should use security measures to protect your drones to prevent hackers from hacking, thereby ensuring the security of your drone.


Ensure physical security measures for drone safety

In order to protect your drone from being threatened by theft or tampering, it is important to implement appropriate safety measures.

How to protect it when the drone is not with me?

When you do n’t use the drone or when you are not around, keep your drone properly.

Make sure your drones are stored in a safe and reliable position, buy high -quality locks and boxes to protect your drones from being unauthorized and reduce the possibility of theft or tampering.

How to protect it when operating drones outdoors?

When flying outdoor drones, the danger index is higher. Drone users must follow certain security agreements to avoid accidents and maintain control of drones. These include:

A. Whether there is any unauthorized aircraft activity to monitor the airspace

Understand any restrictions or potential hazards that may affect the operation of drone operations at any time, such as temporary flight restrictions, banned flying areas and other drone activities. Usually the drone ban area will be displayed in your drone remote control flight map interface, please pay attention.

It is worth noting that when your plane passes through some prohibited area, it is very likely to be affected by the drone jammer, which is fatal for drones.

B. Always keep the drone within the sight during the operation

Keeping drones in the field of sight is not only a good habit, but also a rule. You can better monitor the drone movement and respond to any potential threats or obstacles.

C. Take necessary measures to avoid collision with other aircraft, personnel and objects

It can reach 15m/s under drone high -speed driving, which is dangerous for potential people or objects around them. Make sure you always understand the surrounding environment when driving drones and take necessary preventive measures to avoid collision.

This includes a safe distance for someone to drive the aircraft, maintain a safe distance with the personnel and property, and prepare to land quickly when needed. According to the FAA regulations, the flying height of the drone must not exceed 400 feet, and it must not fly above the head of the people.

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Cyber security measures to ensure drone security

Physical security measures help us to avoid common problems. The real problem comes from hackers and other network security threats. If you want to ensure the security of the drone, we have the following tips:

Install anti-virus software on the equipment that controls the drone

Make sure the latest anti-virus software is installed to control the device (such as smartphones or tablets). This will help protect your device from malware and other violations that may endanger the security of drones.

Establish a strong password and two-factor authentication measures

Create a strong and unique password for the control system of the drone and any related account, and enable the two-factor authentication under possible conditions. This will help protect your drone from being accepted by unauthorized access and make it more difficult for hackers to obtain control.

Use encryption technology as much as possible

Crypting data transmitted between drones and control devices can help protect sensitive information from being intercepted by hackers. Find drones with encrypted technology and consider implementing additional encryption measures, such as using VPN when operating drones.

The purpose of commercial drones is more widely used, and it is more likely to be attacked by some networks. Please choose regular drones.

Avoid connecting to the public Wi-Fi network when using drones

Public Wi-Fi networks are usually not as good as private network security and are more vulnerable to hackers. In order to protect the safety of drones, please avoid connecting to the public Wi-Fi network when operating drones.


Protecting your drones is essential to prevent hackers and ensure your investment security. By implementing physical security measures and network security measures, you can better protect your drone from being stolen, tampered with, and unauthorized access.

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