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[Firmware] Autel EVO II Firmware Download & Updates


Latest Version

EVO II Firmware Version 2.6.22
Click to download

How to update the EVO II firmware?

Download the firmware package for manual updates, Or update firmware via the Autel Explorer app.

Video: Over the Air Firmware Update

Over the Air Firmware Update is the best way we recommend, of course you also can choose to update firmware manually. Here is the video tutorial of update firmware manually

Current Version 2.6.22

Click Here for EVO II Firmware Download

EVO II Firmware Release Notes

Notes: This firmware package V2.5.0 contains the following component updates::

Flight Control V0.0.4.41
Camera V0.2.31.37
Remote Controller V2.0.4.7
RC Panel
Image Transmission V1.1.1.45
RC Image Transmission V1.1.1.45
Gimbal V0.1.49.0
Battery V0.0.15.0
Vision Module V0.2.31.37
Sonar V1.2.1.25
ESC1-4 V1.0.3.6

New Features:

1. Camera

  • Added RAW file format support in Mission flights
  • Added Manual exposure settings, Aperture Priority, and Shutter Priority support in AEB mode
  • Added Manual exposure mode support in Hyperlapse
  • Added quick zoom changes in the Explorer App

1. Intelligent Flight and Mission

  • Added cruise mode in Hyperlapse
  • Added Orbit Hyperlapse
  • Added Mission recording

Bug Fixes and Optimizations:

  1. Optimized auto focus performance
  2. Reduced the minimum distance between two waypoints in waypoint mission
  3. Removed Boat Mode (EVO II can take off from boats during standard flights)
  4. Fixed the negative altitude issue during the landing sequence
  5. Fixed the mission upload issue when resuming a mission
  6. Added an option to RTH when the aircraft disconnects

Notes: To support all the new features, please upgrade the Autel Explorer app to iOS V1.9.10, Android V1.1.7.38 or newer.

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