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[Firmware] Autel EVO II Firmware Download & Updates


Latest Version

EVO II Firmware Current Version 2.5.0 Click to download

How to update the EVO II firmware?

Download the firmware package for manual updates, Or update firmware via the Autel Explorer app.

Video: Over the Air Firmware Update

Over the Air Firmware Update is the best way we recommend, of course you also can choose to update firmware manually. Here is the video tutorial of update firmware manually

Current Version 2.5.0

Click Here for EVO II Firmware Download

EVO II Firmware Release Notes

Notes: This firmware package V2.5.0 contains the following component updates::

Flight Control V0.0.1.97
Camera V0.2.27.9
Remote Controller V2.0.4.2
RC Panel V3.0.8.0
Image Transmission V1.1.1.29
RC Image Transmission V1.1.1.29
Gimbal V0.1.24.0
Battery V0.0.12.0
Vision Module V0.2.27.9
Sonar V1.2.1.25
ESC1-4 V1.0.3.6

New Features:

  • Added high-altitude visual positioning to ensure the aircraft can return to the visible range of the take-off point safely when GPS signal under interference
  • Users are allowed to take off from a non-static surface in Standard Mode
  • Increased the maximum altitude of vehicle dynamic track to 99 ft (30 m)
  • Added camera exposure mode, ISO, shutter speed adjustment in waypoint, rectangular, and polygon missions

Bug Fixes and Optimizations:

  1. Reduced the possibility of image transmission signal loss under interference
  2. Resolved the Return to Home (RTH) deviation issue in some rare occasions
  3. Smoothed the aircraft position change during dynamic tracking flights
  4. Optimized the video output for EVO II Pro at 50P/48P/25P/24P fps
  5. Increased the maximum Orbit radius to 1640 ft (500 m)
  6. Other minor bug fixes

Notes: To fully support the new features, Please upgrade the Autel Explorer app to the latest versions.