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How Are Drones Changing The Way Firefighters Work?

Firefighters are combining existing resources with drone technology to manage fires safely and efficiently. Firefighting drones provide firefighters with aerial insights to make quick, efficient and informed decisions to maximize safety.

The role of firefighting drones

Firefighter drones

Substitute firefighter

In urban fire protection applications, drones can replace manual fire detection and reduce firefighter casualties. In bushfire monitoring, the use of drones to conduct regular surveys or predict the spread of fire will simplify the process and improve the ability of fire departments to deploy quickly.

Avoid accidents

Rapid investigation of a large area of fire, timely return of the screen for decision-making by the command center, predicting the tank body with too high oil temperature in advance, and avoiding secondary explosions.

Improve efficiency

The drone provides a high-altitude perspective, forms a three-dimensional monitoring, monitors the direction of the fire in real time, improves the efficiency of fire fighting, ensures the safety of firefighters and provides the best evacuation route for the firefighting force.

Save time

Whether in urban firefighting or forest firefighting applications, drones can quickly arrive at the scene and go deep into dangerous areas, buying valuable time for decision-making.

Situational awareness

During a fire, firefighting drones can quickly survey the affected area and send key information about the intensity and extent of the fire back to a remote operator. From there, fire officials can use this raw data to develop plans to contain the fire and quickly see if any buildings or people are in the path of the disaster. Drones can also create very detailed maps in a short amount of time.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Autel Firefight 640t dronesautel thermal drone 640t for firefight

Q: Can drones be used for wildland firefighting?

A: Drones can be used for wildland firefighting, and drones equipped with thermal cameras can better identify hot spots and monitor the movement of fire.

Q: Can firefighters use drones at night?

Answer: Night-time infrared thermal imaging drones are eyes in the dark. This type of drone no longer relies on RGB cameras but thermal energy to find targets and conduct aerial monitoring. Infrared thermal imaging drones usually have a resolution of 640*512, multiple temperature modes and thermal palettes, helping to discover everything at night!

Q: Could firefighter drone prevent forest fire?

A: Drones are not used to fight fires, but to monitor fire spread and identify hot spots. Armed with this data, firefighters can better plan how to contain fires and protect human facilities. Of course, some large firefighting drones may be able to carry heavy objects, and hoses are used to fight fires.

Q: How can drones be used in firefighting?

A: Drones are being used as a tool to identify hotspots and map fire spread. The fire-fighting drone can monitor the direction of the fire in real time, improve the efficiency of fire fighting, and establish a two-dimensional map for situational awareness.

‍Q: How much do firefighters spend on drones in us?

A: The cost of purchasing a firefighting drone, that is, a thermal imaging drone, is relatively expensive, but this benefits most public and fire departments. Autel EVO II 640T is one of the recommended thermal imaging drones, providing 640*512 resolution, 10 thermal color palettes, and a flight time of 38 minutes.

‍Q: How to stop drones from flying over firefighter seen?

Answer: Generally speaking, fire scenes are often covered by thick smoke, and firefighters cannot always see the drone clearly. At this time, the drone is operating beyond the visual range, which is feasible for fire-fighting drones , but not too close to the fire source for inspection, so as not to affect the operation of electronic components of the drone due to high temperature!

Q: How are drones used for firefighting, and what features are most useful?

A: Drones provide easy access to aerial data that firefighters can use to identify hotspots and map fire spread. Drones equipped with thermal imaging cameras are widely used by firefighters.

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