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Police Drones

Future Innovation and Development of Police Drones

The application of drones in the police field has a relatively mature solution. The emergence of police drones has replaced some of the previous police deployment and police reconnaissance, so it has better applications in providing public assistance and fighting crimes. From the perspective of police drones in the past, security drones mainly have the following applications.

Police Drones

I. The application of drones in the field of police

1. On-site daily safety inspection by community police

Grid management, large-scale event security, legal publicity, epidemic prevention, crime information collection.

2. Security and traffic checks

Illegal arrest, accident handling, road condition monitoring, traffic publicity.

3. Drone criminal investigation assistance

Aerial reconnaissance, field search, night search, progress search, fixed-point capture.

4. Anti-terrorism and anti-riot field

Drones use payload nets and launchers to disperse illegal gatherings and deter violence.

5. Emergency Response

In an emergency, when entering a dangerous area or space that is difficult for police officers to enter, specific police equipment and rescue tools can be carried to implement on-site deterrence and video evidence collection.

6. Command and dispatch

Establish a command system, cooperate with the reform of the police system, and conduct unified command and dispatch of one or more drones.

II. The innovation field of drones in the police field

So with the development of UAV drone technology, in addition to the above scenarios, what innovations can UAV technology solutions have in the field of police use? The public security and police application of drones is gradually developing from the initial "individual application" to "large-scale and normalized application". Richer information collection methods, smarter all-weather flight platforms, and more convenient business integration are the evolution directions of police drone solutions.

1. Smart law enforcement city, fully automatic deployment

We can see that the current security police drones have been integrated with traffic, inspection, criminal investigation, explosion-proof and other businesses. With the automation and intelligence of drones, drones will inevitably deploy smart city security.

2. Covert reconnaissance

In police scene applications, UAV drones make noise. When chasing and gathering information at night, it may be possible to sound an alarm on a target object at close range. There are also adaptation solutions for night vision cameras and night vision infrared reconnaissance cameras suitable for night use. In the future, police drones will be more suitable for covert reconnaissance. This will also be an area of ​​innovation.

3. Chasing and fleeing with face recognition

Currently, drones used for security can achieve object tracking and object recognition. In the epidemic monitoring scenario, UAV drones can detect whether an individual is wearing a mask through AI recognition. However, there are still certain technical difficulties in accurately identifying and attacking human faces.

We believe that the application of drones is not limited to this, and the development of drone technology in the future will further promote commercial drones to enter more industries, making it easier to deploy aerial solutions.

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