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Autel Drones Flight Logs

Flight Log Data Management By Autel Drones: Airdata, Alfot, Dronelogbook

Autel Drones, the leading U.S. drone manufacturing company, records drones after each drone flight, helping drone pilots stay on top of everything. Knowing a drone's flight log can go a long way for drone pilots.

Autel drones have two product lines, Autel consumer drones and Autel enterprise drones. Supported by Autel Sky APP and Autel Explorer App respectively, drone pilots can synchronize flight data even if they switch between different devices under the same account.

It is imperative for multi-demand drone companies to seek an intelligent drone management platform to capture and manage their drone flight and pilot data.

Can I Import My Data From Other Apps?

It is known that on the Autel Explorer App you can install AirData, Alfot, Dronelogbook software for synchronization management.

Autel Explorer App with Airdata, Alfot, Dronelogbook

What To Expect With Airdata, Alfot, Dronelogbook?

Autel EVO II series drones are advanced and intelligent. Experienced drone pilots can download each flight log to judge and analyze the flight status. It is also feasible to process the flight data of the drone fleet in third-party software.

Third-party platforms such as AirData, Alfot, and Dronelogbook can generate actionable flight intelligence by utilizing the basic information recorded after drone flight. Flight logs are usually stored in DAT and DOT file formats, and third-party software can interpret flight information for flight date, total flight time, location, type of drone used, pilot operations, and flight conditions in order to generate maintenance reports.

Advantages of AirData Drones

AirData is a popular cloud platform for companies and individuals seeking solutions to capture and manage their drone flight and pilot data, and is suitable for most platform applications. It has the following advantages:

1. Advanced data synchronization capability
3. Real-time flight monitoring
4. Advanced alarm system
5. File format improvements
6. Drone pilot activity tracking
7. Temporary Pilot Services
8. Part 107 Compliant

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