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Firefighting drones autel 640t

Firefighting Drone: Autel 640T Series

As commercial drone technology becomes more and more mature and its application in the industrial field becomes more and more in-depth, the fire emergency rescue drone  has become one of the new drone industry application equipment.

The combination of drones and emergency rescue will give full play to the performance characteristics of drones, greatly improve the efficiency and success rate of emergency rescue missions, reduce casualties, and establish and improve a large-scale comprehensive emergency rescue system for fire departments and emergency rescue forces.

Fire departments use firefighting drones

How does the fire drone play a role in the fire scene?

All-round fire detection, temperature measurement and positioning

The fire-fighting drone can quickly obtain the overall perspective of the disaster scene. Some scenes can replace manual approaching reconnaissance. The thermal imaging camera can pass through the thick smoke to identify the fire point and high-temperature area. In the scene of dangerous chemical tank rescue and explosion-proof Greatly improve work efficiency.

Firefinghting drones for Fire Departments

Video backhaul, large-scale disaster scene modeling

The fire-fighting drone transmits the on-site video screen to the background command hall through the live broadcast platform or the emergency network, and uses the drone to quickly model the two-dimensional orthographic modeling of the accident scene for the background commanders to study and judge the disaster situation.

Emergency delivery of relief supplies

In some emergency situations, victims may be trapped inside burning buildings or other remote, unsafe or inaccessible locations. Fire departments use emergency rescue drones to quickly deliver emergency supplies and equipment to victims.

What kind of firefighting drone is suitable for the fire department?

Fire Departments use fire fighting drones

Thermal imaging function

A major challenge at the rescue site is the thick smoke caused by the fire, and the low visibility has caused great difficulties for ground firefighters to find the source of the fire, extinguish the fire, and search and rescue personnel.

Drones equipped with high-definition infrared thermal imaging cameras provide firefighters with thermal imaging capabilities to see what the naked eye cannot. This allows them to monitor hotspots, identify deployers, and locate people trapped inside buildings in the absence of visibility.

Elevation Capabilities and Aerial Surveillance

Drones can reach higher altitudes than traditional fire trucks equipped with aerial ladders. Drones with high-definition imaging could allow fire departments to start surveying fires as soon as they arrive at the scene and conduct more comprehensive surveys from the air.

Scalable payload

Do you want drones to better realize the search and rescue function? Emergency response drones can be equipped with thermal imaging cameras, Loudspeak, strobe, spotlight to assist night rescue operations.

Loadable function

For large-scale fire-fighting drones, drones can carry heavy objects, deliver materials and other assistance tasks, which provides significant technical and safety advantages for the fire department and saves costs.

Why choose Autel 640t series drones as fire emergency rescue drones?

autel 640t firefighting drones

Autel EVO II 640T series is a high-performance drone produced by Autel Robotics. As a dual-camera drone, the 640T can shoot 8K video and 640*512 thermal imaging images. It has a flight time of up to 38 minutes and a maximum flight distance of 9 kilometers. The EVO II 640T has an automatic return-to-home function, which can automatically return to the departure point when the battery is low or the signal is lost. Autel 640T has no geo-fence settings and can perform precise positioning and obstacle avoidance. It is suitable for various scenarios such as firefighting, aerial photography, inspection, and monitoring.

Products Recommended

 Autel EVO II 640T Enterprise V2

Autel EVO II 640T Enterprise V2


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  • Radiometric 640 x 512 Thermal Sensor 
  • 8K Ultra HD 1/2'' 48MP
  • Greater Dynamic Range with 4K HDR 
  • 38 Minutes of Battery Life 
  • Open SDK 
  • 9km image transmission
Autel EVO II 640T V3 rugged bundle

Autel EVO II 640T Rugged Bundle V3


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  • Radiometric 640 x 512 Thermal Sensor 
  • 8K Ultra HD 1/1.28" 50MP
  • Greater Dynamic Range with 4K HDR 
  • 38 Minutes of Battery Life 
  • Open SDK 
  • 15km image transmission
  • Smart Controller V3
  • Support Live Deck 2
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