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 Commercial Drone Uses

Explore Commercial Drone Uses

The commercial drone market is booming. Commercial or professional drones have now become real tools. More and more fields are beginning to take advantage of the advantages of commercial drones to open a new chapter in the industry!

The potential for commercial drones is so great that they can be used in many other industries, including land surveying, security surveillance, infrastructure inspections, agriculture, crop monitoring, and more.

Don’t overlook the drone opportunity! Let’s learn about commercial drones and their uses!

What is a commercial drone?

Commercial drones refer to unmanned aerial vehicles used for commercial purposes. They have advanced technology and flexible configurations. They are multifunctional, efficient, cost-effective and provide new tools for commercial activities and industries. and solutions.

Commercial drones have more drone types, such as multi-rotor, fixed-wing or vertical take-off and landing drones. Commercial drones have the characteristics of longer flight time, faster speed, more durable structure, and more advanced functions, increasing industry opportunities!

commercial drone

What are the uses of U.S. commercial drones?

Advertising, Digital Media, Sales and Marketing

When it comes to advertising and marketing, high-resolution camera drones are at the forefront of digital media and marketing trends. Photographic drones have many uses for internet videos, concert venues, sporting events and other innovative ideas.

Capture impressive aerial video and combine iconic aerial video perspectives with your own branding, logos and digital media.

The Autel EVO II Pro V3 photography drone offers 20MP photos and 6K video, and it goes a step further with adjustable aperture and excellent low-light performance. Marketers can use Autel EVO II Pro V3 for advertising photography, wedding photography and other scenarios.

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Agriculture and animal husbandry management

As a major agricultural country in the United States, commercial drones serving agriculture and livestock management will greatly improve the efficiency of farmers and monitor land and domestic animals.

Agriculture and animal husbandry management

Commercial agricultural drones can be used for reconnaissance and mapping of land quantities, crop prospecting, monitoring crop health and identifying potential problem areas in fields, calculating and monitoring the location and condition of livestock, and conducting large area spraying of pesticides and fertilizer delivery.

When using commercial drones for land surveying and mapping, drones with RTK modules will make data recording more accurate.

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Clean energy, oil and gas, transmission lines and cell towers

Aerial drone inspections are a safe and efficient alternative to inspections of power lines, cell phone towers and energy infrastructure. Drone inspections quickly and safely collect high-resolution images and videos for risk management, from infrastructure monitoring, tower structures, pipeline inspections to tree and foliage encroachment on power lines.

When commercial drones are used to conduct some pipeline inspections, installing gas detectors will also further speed up the completion of monitoring work, allowing rapid sensing of pipeline leaks or damage in areas that are not easily accessible.

Aerial drone inspections

Architecture, Engineering and Surveying

Land surveying companies and construction companies are beginning to adopt drone services or purchase commercial drones to benefit themselves and their customers. Commercial RTK drones are increasingly used to create terrain maps, scan large construction sites, and generate accurate terrain and structural contour maps.

RTK drones can create images with centimeter-level accuracy, conduct multiple repeated surveys of the site, generate 2D/3D model diagrams, reduce ground GCP points, and improve operational efficiency.

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Insurance and risk assessment

When some non-human factors change and natural factors affect housing damage, road closures, landslides, etc., commercial drones can go to the disaster-stricken areas as soon as possible to assess the on-site conditions.

Insurance companies can conduct claims processing better and faster with the help of commercial drones’ aerial perspective inspections, and provide better services to insured customers.

Insurance and risk assessment

Land development, commercial real estate

Real estate professionals and land developers are finding more uses for drones when working with residential and commercial properties and land parcels. Drones have important applications in real estate marketing. Aerial views can show customers the surrounding environment and traffic location of residential areas in an all-round way.

Commercial drones can also provide precise information in housing reconstruction and district planning, and drones with thermal cameras can provide imaging of heat loss in older homes.

Land development, commercial real estate


RTK commercial drones are serving the mining industry. Drones can provide significant assistance during the mapping phase of mine site exploration and can increase productivity and profitability even after the exploration phase.

Aerial drone inspection services can help map and count inventory materials, map remote mines and observe signs of erosion.

Land development, commercial real estate

What are the uses of drones in your company?

Commercial drones offer unparalleled advantages in many areas, unlocking the full potential of drones. You can choose drones with HD cameras, commercial drones with RTK, and commercial drones with thermal imaging according to your needs.

Want to make better use of commercial drones to serve yourself? You can also browse the Autelpilot store blog news to select drone services, products and drone training.

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