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Autel EVO II 640T RTK V3 Slope Mission

EVO II V3 Firmware Update: Slope Mission

Slope missions are preset automatic flight paths along slopes or hillside terrains, suitable for photography, surveying and inspection tasks in designated areas.

The Slope task is a new content of EVO II V3 firmware version V1.1.31. In order to make full use of all new functions in V1.1.31 firmware, please install the corresponding version of Autel Explorer V3.1.49 APP before updating the firmware.

How to use the Slope mission?


1. On the Autel Explorer app, click Mission and set the mission type to Slope.

2. Set the height mode to Above Ground Level(AGL) or Mean Sea Level (MSL).

3. Fly your drone to mark points A, B, and C one by one to create a surface. You can also decide on the points prior to the operation and make some markings so you can directly fly to these points.

slope mission for evo 2 v3

NOTE: Points A and B define a straight line for the aircraft, while point C specifies the aircraft's incline angle. Fly the aircraft to the desired position to add points.

4. Set the extension for your surface area. Once set, you can proceed to adjust the mission settings according to your preferences.

5.Click the execution button on the middle right of the screen. This will initiate a pre-flight check.

6. Thoroughly review the pre-flight check, and then click Fly to start your mission.

The Slope Mission of the Autel EVO II V3 series is similar to the Terrain Follow Mission of the Autel MAX series, which is useful for photography, surveying and inspection on slopes and uneven ground.

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