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Dynamic Track For Nano+ Is Now Live

Dynamic Track For Nano+ Is Now Live

The drone follow function is a technological breakthrough that most consumer drones seek in drone technology, making drone follow me one of the functions sought by some drone users. EVO Nano+ Dymaic Tracking 2.1 has been released.

EVO Nano+ is the leader among mini camera drones, with three-axis gimbal stabilization, 28-minute flight time, three-way obstacle avoidance, 50MP photos and 4K/30fps video capture. The EVO Nano+ drone has announced the follow me function at the beginning of its release, and the quadcopter firmware version V1.6.5 has finally been implemented.

EVO Nano Series Drone Software and Firmware Update Instructions

Dynamic Track 2.1 for Nano+ Released

Release Date: October 10, 2022
Aircraft firmware version: V1.6.5
Autel Sky iOS version: V1.4.51
Autel Sky Android version: V1.4.32

New features:

Update the firmware and app version, you can see that the follow-up shooting of the nano series is online, please try to do it in a wide field of vision.

Autel EVO Nano+


EVO Nano Plus--Follow Me

The follow me function of the drone is often the best when the user is walking or riding a bicycle. The launch of Dymaic Tracking 2.1 on the EVO Nano plus means that Autel users can already use the follow me function to help with shooting.

What Is Dymaic Tracking 2.1 For EVO Nano+?

The Dymaic Tracking 2.1 tracking function is online, which means that the driver of the EVO Nano+ can free his hands, and the drone will follow the set target to move and shoot. At the same time, the eyes are closely following the EVO Nano+ drone.

The dynamic tracking function of the quadcopter drone can quickly handle the movement offset of the target direction, as well as long-distance tracking. When the object is moving fast, Dymaic Tracking 2.1's advanced tracking technology will follow the consistency of the object's motion frequency, reducing the possibility of tracking loss.

Do Autel Drones Have Tracking?

Yes. Autel drone EVO Nano series, EVO Lite series, and EVO II series have all launched the tracking function. EVO Nano series, EVO Lite series use Dymaic Tracking 2.1 technology, EVO II series use Dymaic Tracking 2.0 technology.

Autel EVO 2 Dynamic Track 2.0

Wondering what is Autel EVO 2 Dynamic Track 2.0? The Autel EVO II drone uses Dynamic Track 2.0 technology to allow users to autonomously track objects around high-speed obstacles and watch AI technology create intelligent flight paths in real time. Dual-core powered object detection can identify up to 64 objects simultaneously, including people, vehicles, and animals.

The tracking modes of the EVO II series drones include tripod tracking mode, behind, side-by-side, and for professional photographers, the EVO II Pro drone becomes interesting to shoot objects in dynamic tracking mode. See More: Autel EVO II Drone Dynamic Track Mode Full Review

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