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Drone Roof Inspection

Drone Roof Inspection: Cutting Edge Drone Aerial Service

Drone Roof Inspection is a cutting-edge drone aerial service that uses the latest technology and visual tools to give you the most accurate roof assessment. Utilizing drones for roof inspections effectively saves time, money and labor costs and has a significant and positive impact.

Public safety agencies are realizing the potential of using drones to enhance their missions. Autel Drones are not only excellent in roof inspections, but can also be used in mineral inspections, energy industry inspections, forest firefighting, road law enforcement, and more.

Among drone inspections, drone roof inspections are one of the common services. The drone roof inspection is not only suitable for home users but also can be applied to real estate inspection, the aerial imaging of the drone allows you to observe every corner of the roof, find problems and solve them in time.

Thermal imaging drones can easily spot leaks, insulation breakdown, and other signs of roof defects that are invisible to the naked eye, further spotting where your roof may be falling into disrepair from water leaks, age and weathering, or storm damage, and Get rid of it in time.

Why Perform a Roof Inspection?

Drone For Roof Inspections

Drone roof inspections can be used for real estate appraisals, roof repair estimates, insurance adjuster claims, solar panel installation and maintenance, regular home maintenance, and the growing emphasis on the importance of roof inspections has also led to a large number of roofing industries Companies are flocking to roof inspections, and it's a good idea for home users to use drones for their own roof inspections.

Why Use Drones For Roof Inspections?

Drones For Roof Inspections

The traditional roof inspection needs to climb to the roof to inspect the damaged area or important building components, while the drone can clearly inspect the roof structure by flying over the roof to take pictures, greatly improving the efficiency of roof inspection, and ensuring the roof inspection personnel security.


Contactless drone inspections ease concerns. The biggest advantage of drones is that they can not only fly over the sky, but also hover in the air. For key inspections in special locations, drone roof inspections are safe and effective to reduce people falling from ladders.


Industry research shows that using drones to inspect roofs can reduce inspection time (on average) from 3 hours to 1 hour. This can prove invaluable to a roofing estimator or insurance adjuster, enabling them to inspect more properties in a single day with greater accuracy.


The size of the drone determines that the drone can penetrate into some complex and narrow areas. The drone pilot can operate the drone to enter some roofs and buildings that are difficult to inspect by manpower, and optimize the roof inspection plan.

Reduce Labor Costs

Drone roof inspections are so much more efficient that even one or two people can complete the project.

Cloud-based 3D Mapping

Using a drone to inspect a roof also allows you to perform so-called "drone mapping missions" using flight automation software. Images captured during the flight of a drone roof inspection can be imported into inspection software such as Pix4D to render high-resolution 3D models that can be accessed via the cloud, providing valuable data in seconds and Provide a more detailed roof report than some annotations on a sheet of paper and a rough drawing.

Drones 3d mapping

To learn more about drone mapping services, check out our article; "Can Autel EVO II Drone for 3D Mapping? " and "Autel Robotics & Pix4Dreact - Frequently Asked Questions".

Make Claims Faster

If your roof is damaged due to hail, trees or other reasons, the drone roof inspection report will clarify everything, making filing a claim quick and easy.

Can I Use a Drone To Inspect My Roof?

Yes, of course you can. After you become proficient at flying a drone, you will attempt a roof inspection with a drone.

How About Roof Inspection Drone Cost?

Drone roof inspections are an established technology, with specialized companies offering this operation, which can cost anywhere from hundreds to thousands of dollars for individual homeowners. For commercial and industrial properties, performing drone aerial roof inspections also increases the risk and costs.

How To Pick The Best Drones For Roof Inspection 2022?

Doing a drone roof inspection is undoubtedly a big help for your roof. The leading drones for roof inspections require high-resolution imaging or infrared thermal imaging. Want to know about best drones for roof inspections 2022? Check out our article: [2024] Top 5 Best Drones for Roof Inspections

The Best Drones For Roof Inspection 2022--Autel EVO II Dual 640T

EVO II Pro Drone Roof Inspection

The Autel EVO II Dual 640T uses proprietary computer vision and photogrammetry techniques to create reliable high-resolution thermal reconstructions. You can capture thousands of images of your facilities and sites, generate radiant thermal and infrared 3D models or ortho mosaics, and conduct detailed inspections remotely.

The EVO II Dual 640t can accurately check for cracks in walls, clogged drains, sagging ceiling tiles, and standing water away from drainage areas during drone roof inspections, setting an autonomous flight path to focus on specific issues or functions.

Autel EVO II Dual 640T uses an 8k visible light camera and a 640*512@30fps thermal imaging camera. It has 10 thermal color palettes, supports 4x lossless zoom and a maximum of 16x digital zoom. The magnification of the camera range can accurately detect the Details, such as safety hazards in walls, drainpipes, ceilings, and roof ridges, so as to quickly and accurately formulate plans.

Autel Thermal Drone Roof Inspection
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