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Autel EVO Lite Night Shot Test

Consumer Review: Autel EVO Lite Night Shot Test

Autel EVO Lite is one of the professional camera drones, the unique moonlight algorithm makes the drone night shooting equally wonderful. Interested in drone night photography? Check out the excellence of the Autel EVO Lite.

The subject of this Autel EVO Lite shooting is the bass pro shop pyramid. We will make some comparisons between day and night shooting images. Can the EVO Lite pass the night shooting test? let us wait and see.

Discover The Moonlight Algorithm Of The Autel EVO Lite Series

The function of "Moonlight Night Scene Video Algorithm" is mainly to improve the user's experience of video recording at night. This algorithm can increase the amount of light entering in a very dark environment, thereby improving the purity of the picture. At the same time of shooting, this algorithm can achieve The image quality of night scene video shooting is optimized.

The Moonlight algorithm is currently only implemented in the Autel EVO Lite series. As one of the professional camera drones, Autel EVO Lite not only shoots night scene video stably and smoothly, but also improves the color of the night scene shooting, making full use of the advantages brought by the algorithm to make the night scene shooting more beautiful. In line with the user's look and feel preferences. It has better control over the noise, brightness, and color of the captured image.

Autel EVO Lite Shot In Daylight

EVO Lite Shot in Daylight

When we shoot in the Autel EVO Lite, we fly around the city, many beautiful sights and buildings, a fascinating world. Flying a drone in a city is very challenging. This tests the stability of the image transmission system of the camera drone and the sensitivity of obstacle avoidance.

Autel EVO Lite supports a maximum image transmission quality of 2.7k/30fps, has three-way obstacle avoidance, and the gimbal has a maximum pitch angle of 150 degrees. Driving the quadcopter EVO Lite goes well.

Maybe there are some no-fly zones in the city, the Autel EVO Lite has no geofencing restrictions, it's all up to the driver. So, as a drone user, you'll get warnings, but Autel Robotics won't forcibly stop you from flying.

Autel EVO Lite has built-in GPS settings, and the drone with GPS can return home safely. I took off from the table, and before the EVO Lite landed, I moved the table, but it still landed where it was. Everything was perfect and the daytime flight shots were all successful.

Autel EVO Lite Shot At Night

EVO Lite Shot At Night

The Autel EVO Lite takes off at night, and its light set is so bright that it illuminates everything around it. After we enabled Super Night Shot, everything changed.

The drone EVO Lite is blessed by the moonlight algorithm, we can capture the light and shadow well and zoom the picture. Whether it's the street scenes of the city, the towering pyramid buildings, or the bridge buildings, even the reflection in the water is clearly visible.

Autel EVO Lite Night Shot Comparison

EVO Lite vs dji phantom

Autel EVO Lite vs DJI phantom 4, at the same 4k resolution, the night scene shot by Autel EVO Lite looks bright, clear and textured, which is more impressive. The EVO Lite can be invested as a professional night camera drone.

Autel EVO Lite Camera Specs

Autel EVO Lite Camera Specs

The Autel EVO Lite drone is a camera drone with a 1/1.28-inch sensor that shoots at 5000 pixels. The excellent camera performance is not only full during the day, but also smoother and clearer at night. The EVO Lite series has another EVO Lite+, a top-of-the-line drone camera configuration, an impressive consumer drone.

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