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Autel MAX 4T Drone

Autel MAX 4T Multi Camera Drones Enhanced Live View

Autel MAX 4T is the latest commercial drone launched by Autel Robotics. It is famous for its ultra-high performance flight characteristics and powerful camera. The camera gimbal of Autel MAX 4T consists of three high-quality cameras plus a laser rangefinder. No one can imagine what this great high-definition camera drone can achieve!

Autel MAX 4T Gimbal Camera Display

Autel MAX 4T's leading camera sensing technology is in the commercial drone fleet, and the multi-camera drones include SKydio X2 series, DJI Matrice Series. The application of multi-sensor cameras provides new opportunities for drone shooting, object detection and measurement. direction and application practice.

The MAX 4T multi-camera drone includes a telephoto camera, a wide-angle camera, and an infrared thermal imaging lens. These sensors open the door for the MAX 4T to enter commercial use cases.

autel evo max 4t flight performance

Zoom Camera: Supports 8K 10x optical zoom and 160x max. Hybrid zoom that clearly shows details on targets as far as 1.24 miles away.

Wide Angle Lens: Moonlight Agorithm 2.0 enhances post-processing to enable pilots to capture clear, detailed images in low-light environments. Video: Support 4K 30fps, maximum ISO 64000. Photo: Moonlight mode reduces noise and enhances HDR.

Thermal imager: Equipped with 640*512 high-resolution thermal imager, 30fps, 16x digital zoom.

Laser Range Finder: Tap a target to quickly get coordinates and altitude up to 0.75 miles away.

Multi-camera drones offer better coverage

Drones with multiple camera sensors provide better area coverage, which is one of their advantages. Business stakeholders are able to see what is happening far away in near real-time from a bird's-eye view. High-performance commercial drones can be used in many industries, sectors and use cases, such as: search and rescue, surveillance and security, surveillance inspections, public safety.

Multi-channel Projection Screen*

Supports simultaneous output of RGB, infrared, night vision, and wide-angle images.

autel evo max 4t Multi-channel Projection Screen

AR Scene*

Geo-location data and other aircraft location info detected by ADS-B can overlay on real-time map, which is convenient for users to confirm the drone's location and avoid airborne risks.

autel evo max 4t AR Scene

The Autel MAX 4T integrates multiple camera sensors into the same camera head, significantly enhancing operations in public safety, law enforcement, energy, mapping, and critical infrastructure inspection. At the same time, high-performance camera sensors also provide strong conditions for UAV obstacle avoidance. MAX 4T relies on binocular vision sensors and millimeter-wave radar to ensure 720° omnidirectional obstacle avoidance.

The Autel MAX 4T is now available for pre-order at official Autelpilot dealers, with shipments expected to begin in May this year. The MAX 4T is priced at $8,999.

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