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Autel MAX 4T application scenarios

Autel MAX 4T Application Scenarios

Autel MAX 4T is one of the most representative commercial drones in 2024. Its advanced flight performance and powerful photography capabilities make MAX 4T applicable to multiple industries. Here, we will explain the application scenarios of Autel MAX 4T!

Autel MAX 4T for Law Enforcement

Autel MAX 4T for Law Enforcement

Drone law enforcement is one of the important roles added to the police force in recent years. The police use the drone's aerial perspective to find criminals more quickly and crack down on criminal and illegal activities. MAX 4T has 10x lossless zoom and 640*512 thermal imaging resolution, which can accurately detect hidden people no matter it is day or night.

  • Subject monitoring & tracking
  • General reconnaissance & intel gathering
  • Disaster response
  • Scene photography and reconstruction
  • Pre-planning & situational response

Autel MAX 4T for Fire and rescue

Autel MAX 4T for Fire and rescue

Fire rescue will continue to introduce drones to participate in rescue work. UAVs are highly active and capture data quickly. They can find the source of fire and scout the scope of fire very well, so as to extinguish it in time and provide emergency rescue and disaster relief!

  • Identify fire lines
  • Maintain fire breaks
  • Inspection of structures & hot spots
  • Visual access to areas with difficult terrain
  • Identify impassable areas for support aircraft

Autel MAX 4T for Utilities and infrastructure

Autel MAX 4T for Utilities and infrastructure

Camera sensors on commercial drones tend to be more advanced. Use larger CMOS and algorithms to shoot higher quality drone images and videos. Autel MAX 4T has three high-quality cameras, wide-angle camera, telephoto camera and thermal imager. Therefore, you can make full use of the aerial view of Autel MAX 4T to conduct high-altitude inspections, reducing and reducing the potential danger of manual high-altitude inspections!

  • Simplified tower inspection
  • Power & pipeline inspection
  • Wind turbine inspection
  • Grid mapping & surveying
  • Site patrol & security

Autel MAX 4T for Construction

Autel MAX 4T for Construction

Visual inspection by commercial drones is often robust. MAX 4T is one of the most practical and advanced enterprise drones of Autel Robotics. The zoom camera can support 8k 10x zoom with adjustable aperture. The wide-angle camera supports 4k/30fps video and is equipped with 1/1.28 CMOS. The thermal imager can shoot 640 *512@30fps infrared thermal image, support 16x zoom.

Autel MAX 4T also has a laser rangefinder, which supports the detection of objects within a range of 1.2km, with an accuracy of about 1 meter. Therefore, Autel MAX 4T can accurately detect everything around it and achieve perfect obstacle avoidance even on the construction site.

  • Site planning & evaluation
  • Monitoring & tracking
  • Progress reports, validation, & proof of execution
  • Site patrol & security

Autel MAX 4T for Mining and mapping

Autel MAX 4T for Mining and mapping

The application of unmanned aerial vehicles to the Mining and mapping industry will be a good choice to greatly improve operational efficiency. Autel MAX 4T has an RTK module interface, therefore, after installing the Autel RTK module, it will greatly improve the accuracy of the ground data captured by the UAV. The accuracy error of Autel RTK is centimeter-level, which can be well used for land surveying and mapping!

  • Planning & progress monitoring
  • Volumetrics
  • Change detection
  • Remediation
  • Safety, security, and surveillance

Autel MAX 4T for Content and media

Autel Max 4T Drones Shoots

Although Autel MAX 4T is a commercial drone, it is more for commercial activities and public safety use cases. But at the same time, the photography ability of EVO MAX 4T is also very powerful. The high-definition and smooth picture quality will be able to capture the perfect natural scenery and leave gorgeous and wonderful photos! As a video producer and communicator, shooting with Autel Max 4T will bring you greater exposure and clicks.

  • Real-time coverage of events
  • Incident reconstruction & storytelling
  • Photos & videos in hard to reach locations
  • Content creation & cinematography
  • Frequent updates & reports on key topics
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