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Forest Fire Prevention and Rescue

Autel Max 4T AI Recognizes Fire and Smoke in Forest Fire Prevention and Rescue

Autel Max 4T is an advanced unmanned aerial vehicle that can be used for fire detection and monitoring tasks. The special AI algorithm can distinguish the recognition of flame and smoke scenes, and provide effective data for forest fire prevention and rescue tasks.

AI Recognition System of Autel Max 4T

The Autel Max series can perform accurate object recognition and tracking. Based on Autel's AI recognition technology, EVO Max 4T and EVO MAX 4N can automatically identify and lock different types of targets such as heat sources, moving people or vehicles, and realize high-altitude tracking and data for law enforcement collection.

Autel MAX 4T Forest Fire Prevention Drone

The AI recognition scenes of the Autel Max series support people, cars, flames, smoke, boats, airplanes and other scenes, which will be calibrated one by one in the form of icons on the Autel Enterprise App, and the recognition accuracy rate is as high as 98%.

After AI recognition, Autel MAX 4T can use the intelligent tracking mode to lock the target and never lose it. At the same time, the laser rangefinder can also provide accurate distance, height and target coordinates in tracking mode.

Autel MAX 4T Forest Fire Prevention Drone

Autel MAX 4T: Foldable, weatherproof design brings powerful technology and advanced autonomy to users, super anti-interference, 720° omnidirectional obstacle avoidance, the first A-Mesh networking technology to realize multiple unmanned aircraft machine collaboration.

  • 720° obstacle avoidance - no blind spots
  • hot swap battery
  • Laser rangefinder, thermal imaging, zoom, wide-angle payloads
  • 12.4 miles transmission range
  • IP43 weather rating
Autel MAX 4T drone

It's time to transform your workflow with drones! Forest fire prevention drone require drones with infrared cameras, thermal imaging cameras and other loads to observe the fire and provide data. The Autel max series can provide more. The powerful AI recognition technology will further distinguish flames and smoke, and analyze changes in fire conditions, and effectively and quickly extinguish forest fires!

Autel Max 4T as a fire emergency response drone, while changing the way the fire and rescue industry operates and achieves its goals, it also needs to pay attention to safety, don't let the drone go into danger with you!

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