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Autel Mapper V1.5.3

Autel Mapper V1.5.3 Firmware Update Released

The Autel Mapper map processing software is now available for purchase. Autel Robotics continues to update and optimize the system version. Autel Mapper V1.5.3 firmware is now launched. Follow this firmware description to better understand the Autel Mapper map processing software.

New Features

  1. Added the option to export aerial triangulation results and undistorted images.
  2. Added the option to merge and export point clouds in LAS or XYZ formats.
  3. Added the option for arbitrary coordinate systems.
  4. Added TIF format for importing elevation data.
  5. Support for switching length and area unit.
  6. Support for activation code for plans.


  1. Expand the boundary range for 2D reconstruction.
  2. Optimized 2D quick stitching performance in low-overlap scenarios.
  3. Optimized the naming logic for OBJ file format, resolving issues when importing into third-party software.
  4. Optimize the project path format restrictions, supporting project paths with spaces.
  5. Optimized the aerial triangulation processing when using a five-lens camera.

Issue Fixes

  1. Fixed the issue of appearing red screen when selecting model (with the OSGB format) in third-party drawing software.
  2. Fixed the issue of repeated format conversion during second reconstruction.
  3. Fixed the application crash issue caused by abnormalities in original images and added new error messages.
  4. Fixed the elevation value display error in certain scenarios in the view interface.
  5. Fixed the issue of abnormal DSM results display in quick stitching.
  6. Fixed the issue of low resolution in DSM result when using CPU mode for quick stitching.
  7. Fixed the crash issue in 2D reconstruction caused by specific coordinate systems.
  8. Fixed the registration and login issues for some users.

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