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Autel Folding Drone

Autel Folding Drone: Everything You Should Know

The advantages of foldable drones are foldability, easy portability, no one wants to carry a big and bulky drone with them. But at the same time, while the drone becomes foldable, it is necessary to ensure the excellent performance of the drone.

Foldable drones often refer to the foldability of the wings of the drone, and the landing legs of some drones can also be folded, but usually the fuselage of the drone cannot be folded.

Due to the different applicability of drones, they are divided into consumer drones and enterprise drones. Among consumer drones, the most common quadcopter is usually foldable, while commercial drones are divided into fixed-wing drones and foldable drones due to different uses. Foldable drones are usually more suitable for drone enthusiasts.

Things to Consider When Buying the Best Foldable Drone in Autel Drones in 2023

Best Foldable Drone in Autel Drones

Flight Time

The flight time of the drone is maintained by the motor, and a foldable drone is often not made into a large-scale and heavy-weight structure. The best foldable drones should stay in the air for 20-30 minutes, but that's not always possible with smaller drones.

Flight Distance

The flight range of the drone is also an important reference, it determines how far I can see the sky or scenery. Due to the small size of foldable drones, the actual flight distance and image transmission performance will be affected by conditions such as wind and interference.


Cameras are one of the most important aspects of any drone. If you're looking for a drone that can take high-quality photos and videos, then you need a foldable drone with a 4K camera. A folding drone with a 4k camera will bring the best image quality among drones of its type.


The video taken by the drone at high speed is shocking. When choosing a speed foldable drone, make sure your drone has a speed of at least 30 mph, while drones with a top speed of over 45 mph are great for racing or videography. Here we will recommend the Autel EVO II Pro drone.


The weight of a drone plays a big role in its portability. Light drones are more portable than heavy drones. But keep in mind that lighter drones may not have as good a camera or as long a flight time as heavier drones.


Small drones are more portable, but they may not have all the capabilities of larger drones. If you need a drone that can be carried anywhere, is compact and lightweight, and can take professional photos and videos at the same time, here we will recommend the Autel EVO Nano+ drone.


Most drones these days come with a Wi-Fi connection that allows you to connect the drone to your smartphone or tablet. This allows you to control the drone and view live video from the camera. Some drones also come with Bluetooth connectivity, which allows you to connect a controller for a better experience. In the Autel drone, the real-time images taken by the drone are synchronized to the mobile phone through radio remote control instead of wifi transmission.

Foldable Drone FAQs

Foldable Drone

What Is The Best Folding Drone?

With so many amazing drones released every year, it can be difficult to pick the best of all categories. The world of drones is moving very fast, and semi-professional-level drones are becoming affordable for novice drone pilots.

What is the best folding drone for beginners in Autel Drone?

Among the Autel drones, Autel EVO Nano+ is the most suitable folding drone for beginners. The weight of the drone is only 249g, no registration is required, it supports 4K video recording, the flight time can reach 28 minutes, and the image transmission can reach 10 km.

What is the price of pocket folding drone?

To choose a good Pocket Folding Drone, you should use the performance of the drone to determine your drone budget. Currently, the price to buy the foldable drone EVO Nano+ is $679, and the Nano+ Premium Bundle is only $719.

What is the best camera on a foldable drone?

Foldable drones usually serve drone enthusiasts, and currently, most consumer drones support 4k imaging. A drone with 4K camera will be a good choice for every drone enthusiast. Among the Autel consumer drones, you can choose EVO Nano+ (4k drone) and EVO Lite+ (6k drone) as your best foldable camera drone.

How far can a pocket drone fly?

Despite its small size, the Pocket drone does not limit the flight time of the drone based on this. A pocket drone that costs more than US$500 should have a flight time of 20-30 minutes. Here I would recommend Autel EVO Nano+ as a pocket drone for long-term flights.

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