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Autel EVO MAX 4T

Autel EVO MAX 4T with 640*512 Thermal Imaging Camera

Autel Robotics announced the EVO Max 4T drone, a high-performance semi-autonomous drone equipped with high-resolution cameras, including wide-angle cameras, telephoto cameras, and infrared cameras.

Autel Robotics positions EVO MAX 4T as an enterprise drone, which is suitable for commercial missions and public safety affairs. The thermal imaging camera drone lens plays a very important role. This time, we will explain the EVO MAX 4T Thermal Imaging Lens!

Autel EVO MAX 4T Thermal Imaging Camera Description

Autel MAX 4T integrates three high-quality cameras and a laser rangefinder into one camera gimbal. Infrared thermal imaging camera captures the radiated heat of objects to detect and identify the location of objects, and can fully function day or night.

The EVO Max 4T can distinguish between vehicles, boats, people, and animals to carry out automatic tracking and identification in real time thermal and optical image.

Autel MAX 4T Thermal Imaging Camera Specifications

Thermal Imager Uncooled VOx Microbolometer
Lens DFOV: 64°
Aperture: 13mm
Focus: f/1.2
Infrared Temperature Measurement
26.6~37.4 ℉ or reading ±3% (using
the larger value) @ambient
temperature -4℉ to 140℉
Video Resolution 640*512
Photo Size 640*512
Pixel Pitch 12 um
Temperature Measurement Method Center measurement, pot measurement, rectangular measurement
Temperature Measurement Range -4℉ to 302℉, 32℉ to 1022℉ (-20°C to
150°C, 0 to 550°C)
Temperature Alert High and low temperature alarm thresholds, reporting coordinates and temperaturevalues

Thermal Imaging Drone Applications

Thermal imaging drones can be well used in forest firefighting and field rescue, and infrared thermal imaging can also be used for high-altitude inspections of houses and buildings and wild hunting. Another Autel drone with thermal imaging camera is EVO II 640T, Autel 640T is an excellent thermal imaging drone with 640*512 resolution.

autel evo max 4t Multi-channel Projection Screen

Drones equipped with thermal imaging cameras are used by experts from all walks of life due to their mobility and ability to capture data on the ground, they are gradually replacing traditional solutions, reducing costs and working time, and improving the safety of employees themselves.

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