Autel Robotics New Year Special Sale 2022 Autel Robotics New Year Special Sale 2022
Autel EVO Max 4T: New member of Autel Enterprise

Autel EVO Max 4T: New member of Autel Enterprise

Great moment, Autel Enterprise will welcome a new member, Autel EVO Max 4T debuted at CES 2023, and conducted test flight operations during the exhibition.

Autel Robotics continues to bring new products at CES 2021 and CES2022. The success of EVO Nano series, EVO Lite series, EVO II V3 and Autel Dragonfish series surprises us.

Autel Robotics on CES 2023 will be unveiled at booth 18315 in the central hall of LVCC in Las Vegas. The exhibition will last for three days. From January 5-8, 2023, everyone can fully arrange time to visit Autel Enterprise New addition: Autel EVO Max 4T.

The Autel enterprise drone series includes thermal imaging drones, RTK drone series, and Enterprise drone series. The addition of Autel EVO Max 4T will bring flagship mounts, including wide-angle cameras, telephoto cameras, thermal Imaging camera, LiDAR.

Autel EVO MAX 4T

Autel EVO Max 4T will also support top replaceable loads, including RTK module. The release of Autel EVO Max 4T this time will far exceed Autel EVO II series drones in drone camera performance, flight performance, and image transmission performance.

Autel EVO Max 4T has foldable wings, new drone networking technology, and multiple devices to view drones.

It is maneuverable and flexible, and adapts to various complex take-off and landing conditions; while being portable and easy to use, it achieves industry-leading flight performance Level;

20km high-definition image transmission, to achieve ultra-long-distance stable and worry-free operations;

With a series of intelligent functions such as one-key takeoff and landing, AI intelligent tracking, intelligent pointing flight, and fast tasks, the operation is easy to use;

Industrial-grade flight control and navigation The system ensures that the UAV can fly autonomously throughout the whole process, and is equipped with a multi-functional camera platform to fully meet the needs of different scenarios.

Autel Robotics MAX 4T

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