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Autel EVO MAX 4N Starlight Camera Drone Enhances Search and Rescue Missions

Autel EVO MAX 4N Starlight Camera Drone Enhances Search and Rescue Missions

In search and rescue operations, every second counts. Search and rescue teams are always racing against time. The introduction of drone technology will speed up the search and rescue process. Compared with traditional search and rescue tools, it will greatly increase the search and rescue time and help more people win hope.

Search and rescue drones usually have cutting-edge technology to help improve the search and rescue mission process and efficiency. Drone thermal imaging technology and drone starlight cameras are the best tools for night search and rescue operations, helping to solve the unique challenges faced by search and rescue teams at night.

Search and rescue drones

Autel EVO MAX 4N is such a unique drone equipped with a starlight camera for search and rescue missions.

Autel EVO MAX 4N integrates advanced functions with powerful mission execution capabilities. EVO MAX 4N Starlight Camera Drone is a multi-sensor camera drone, the gimbal camera is equipped with a 640*512 thermal imager, a 12MP starlight night vision camera, a 50MP wide-angle camera, and a 1.2KM rangefinder, which can provide clear imaging during the day and at night.

The combination of the starlight camera and thermal sensor enables search and rescue teams to find, detect and locate people, even in the most challenging conditions such as low visibility, night searches or dense foliage.

EVO MAX 4N Starlight Camera

Even when the thermal sensor is affected by temperature differences, environment, background conditions, and cannot detect the target object and the difference with the surrounding environment, in the Starlight Camera, the ISO Range can reach 100-450000, and can sense as low as 0.0001 LUX, the starlight night vision camera is able to directly detect everything in the dark.

Autel MAX 4N Starlight Camera Drone also has a lightweight and portable design, the quadcopter drone is foldable, ready to use out of the box, and can be easily deployed to remote or hard-to-reach areas. This portability ensures that search and rescue teams can be mobilized quickly and start action immediately, ultimately saving valuable time and maximizing search time.

A-Mesh's networking technology further enhances the capabilities of the EVO MAX 4N, allowing operators to control multiple drones with one remote control. The drones work together to enhance the search range, effectively increase coverage, and allow operators to conduct detailed analysis and assessment of ground conditions. This innovative capability is very useful in search and rescue missions, buying time for search and rescue in critical operations.

Autel EVO Max 4T Drone A-Mesh 1.0 Technology | Autelpilot

The flight performance of the drone is also leading among commercial drones. The drone is equipped with millimeter-wave radar and fisheye lens, which can achieve 720° obstacle avoidance, and the flight time of the drone can reach 42 minutes. The drone has triple anti-interference and can fly smoothly in an environment without GPS. The drone also has hot-swappable batteries to quickly prepare the drone for the next mission.

The Autel MAX 4N Starlight Night Vision Drone has a variety of intelligent mission flights. Selecting intelligent missions for large-area inspections can quickly determine the search and rescue location for the commander to enhance the collaboration and situational awareness during the search and rescue mission.

The Autel MAX 4N drone can also transmit live video streams from the drone to other stakeholders involved in the operation by carrying a live broadcast device. This live streaming capability enables remote decision-makers to immediately understand the unfolding situation, allowing them to make more informed and timely decisions.

Autel MAX 4N drone

The role of the Autel MAX 4N drone's starlight night vision in search and rescue missions cannot be underestimated. By providing search and rescue teams with advanced imaging capabilities, portability, and real-time collaboration tools, these drones have revolutionized the way operations are carried out, greatly improving the chances of finding and rescuing people in distress.

In short, Autel Robotics' EVO MAX 4N drone represents a major advancement in search and rescue technology, providing unparalleled capabilities that enable search and rescue teams to respond to emergencies more effectively.

With its starlight night vision camera, high-resolution thermal imager, wide-angle field of view and effective precision ranging, A-Mesh networking technology, and innovative software features with triple anti-interference, the EVO MAX 4N is redefining the standard for search and rescue drones, ultimately saving lives and making our communities safer.

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