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Autel EVO II V3 RTK Upgrade

Autel EVO II V3 RTK Upgrade

Drones with RTK modules will provide unparalleled accuracy and control. Autel EVO II RTK series has appeared in many industrial applications, and with the upgrade of Autel EVO II V3 RTK, Autel EVO II RTK V3 will be more applicable and flexibility!

Features of Autel EVO II RTK V3 drone

Centimeter-level positioning: EVO II RTK series V3 introduces a new RTK module, which provides real-time centimeter-level positioning data and supports post-processing kinematics (PPK). The aircraft can record raw satellite observation data, camera exposure parameters, etc. The positioning system supports RTK base stations and NTRIP RTK networks, which helps to achieve accurate and stable data collection in complex operating environments.

RTK V3 Drone Centimeter Level Accuracy


No GCP required: The EVO II RTK Series V3 connects to the NTRIP network and provides centimeter-level accuracy without GCP.

Third Party Base Station Support: EVO II RTK Series V3 supports all NTRIP compliant base stations.

Autel EVO II RTK V3 upgrade for mapping

Multi-NTRIP Profile Saving

For repeatable data collection tasks, you can record the drone's previous shooting locations. All gimbal, camera and aircraft movements will be replicated, resulting in a complete record of the entire mission.

Photo Replication

For repeatable missions, you can record the drone's previous shooting parameters. Gimbal, camera and motion settings will be replicated, allowing for easy duplication of tasks.

Multi-Battery Missions

The Autel Explorer App allows users to create and save multiple NTRIP profiles for different locations so they don't have to manually enter a new flight plan for each new location.

Advanced Features of the EVO II RTK Series V3 Mapping RTK Drone Upgrade

  • Create rectangle or polygon task
  • Supports dual grid mapping, additional angles can be customized
  • Full manual control over camera settings
  • Non-stop turns save time and battery life
  • Customizable course titles to meet orientation requirements

Features of Autel EVO II RTK V2 Drone

Autel EVO II RTK V2 drone can provide Centimeter-level Positioning, and perform mission planning functions such as Mission Planning, Photo Replication, No Need for Ground Control Points, and Support PPK.

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