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Autel EVO II 640T Thermal Drone for Industrial Inspection

Autel EVO II 640T Thermal Drone for Industrial Inspection

Selecting drones for visual inspection is reliable and efficient for industrial inspections, and using thermal imaging drones can achieve more, not only more convenient for accurate monitoring, but also a large amount of data can be collected.

The beauty of drone visual inspections is that they can maneuver, hover and hold – making inspections safer, more efficient and more thorough. New advances in computer vision can even automate the inspection of large sites, especially when you need precise monitoring of these critical assets and infrastructure.

Why Use Thermal Imaging Drones for Industrial Inspections?

In large heavy industrial use cases, oil plants or natural gas refineries are potentially hazardous locations. Risks such as hazardous chemicals, spills and fires pose serious threats to employees, nearby residents and the environment. It is also important to detect threats early and deal with risks in a timely manner. Here, we want to illustrate a significant application of thermal imaging drones.

Thermal Imaging Drone for  Industrial Inspection

How to deal with and manage risks?

The most innovative oil and gas companies are increasing inspection and quality control of critical assets and infrastructure, constantly monitoring for failures, leaks and potential hazards. Their approach is to use autonomous thermal imaging drones for remote monitoring.

Thermal imaging is changing the way critical infrastructure and assets are inspected and monitored. Autel Robotics brings the best technology to those who need it most. Save time and resources and increase collaboration by using air and ground data to conduct surveys, monitor progress and engage audiences.

Why is industrial inspection and maintenance so important?

thermal drone for industrial inspection

As with any industrial facility, early inspections allow for preventive maintenance, minimizing breakdowns and costly downtime. Therefore, the more frequently you inspect your facility and the higher the quality of inspections you perform, the more productive your facility will be. Field deployments can be optimized through inspection for higher ROI.

Regular inspections of heavy industrial sites can detect potential problems before they become serious failures.

Frequent high-quality inspections of heavy industrial sites are a must. Thermal imaging drones can speed up response times, assess emergency locations and survey hard-to-assess areas, improving the physical safety of construction workers.

The vital information collected by drones can also save lives, protect the environment, maintain areas around industrial sites, and protect and maintain critical equipment.

The Importance of Thermal Imaging Drone Automated Inspections

1. Manual inspections are timely, expensive, infrequent and often ineffective.

2. The industrial environment is dangerous, and the use of manual inspection is high risk.

3. Automated inspection can achieve more efficient regular fixed-point repetitive inspection.

4. Save time, increase productivity and minimize environmental footprint.

5. drones can conduct fast and safe comprehensive and thorough inspections, not just an object.

6. The drone can conduct remote real-time live streaming, and the person in charge does not have to visit the scene in person.

7. The cloud storage record of the drone helps to quickly follow up the problem and record the relevant data changes.

Application of Thermal Imaging drone

Application of Thermal Imaging drone

Industrial inspection requires strict and accurate monitoring data as the underlying support to arrange deployment. The thermal imaging drone 640T takes 90 minutes to charge once, and can achieve a battery life of 38 minutes. The drone can be used to conduct remote infrastructure inspections and anomaly detection of oil refineries many times a day.

Thermal imaging drones in refineries can reduce the frequency of employees climbing high towers, entering the interior of containers multiple times, inspecting floating roofs in tank farms, and observing pipeline routes. Thermal imaging drones will greatly reduce the safety risk to employees' own lives.

The emergency response of thermal imaging drones can play an inestimable role. The 640T uses an 8K RGB camera and a 640*512@30fps thermal imaging camera. The dual cameras provide decision makers with a better field of vision, and the unique picture-in-picture mode Generates unrivaled situational awareness.

Features of 640T drone


Autel EVO II Dual 640T


  • 640*512 thermal imaging resolution
  • 10 Hot Palettes
  • 8K video/48MP picture
  • 360° obstacle avoidance
  • Dynamic Track 2.0
  • 38 minutes flight time
  • 5.5 miles video transmission range
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