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Autel EVO 2 Low-Noise Propeller Is Coming!

Recently, Autel Robotics launched EVO 2 Low-Noise propellers, and all the EVO II drones new produced will be upgraded to newly designed Low-Noise propellers.

Autel EVO II Drone With Low-noise Propellers

Less Noise

After 30,000 nuclear supercomputing and more than 10,000 program iterations, the new-generation EVO II low-noise propellers adopt an innovative geometric shape and a new blade shape. The vibration characteristics of the propeller are optimized, the vibration energy more concentrated, better aerodynamics design, less noise!

EVO II Low Noise Propeller

After tests, the new EVO II low-noise propellers can make the overall noise drops 2.5db compared to the original EVO II propellers. And at the same conditions, the noise is significantly lower than the industry's other low-noise propellers, which reduces the impact of drone flight noise on animals and the living environment.

Better Performance

In addition to reducing noise, the new low-noise propellers will more enhance the flight stability and performance of aircraft. The new propeller has a lower rotating speed, improved aerodynamics, and further reduce vibration when flight. It is more smooth when the drone changes in the air and the lower micro-vibrations level further improves image quality and video smoothness.

Autel EVO II Low Noise Propellers

The new EVO II low-noise propellers will be available soon. Please subscribe & save our store to get the latest update on the propellers.