Autel Robotics EVO II Drone Propellers (Pair)

Autel EVO II Drone Propellers

Autel Robotics EVO II Drone Propellers (Pair)

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  • EVO II Propellers

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    The Autel EVO II Propellers are compatible with all three models of the EVO II (8k, Pro and Dual). The propellers offer an easy quick release design and a secure locking feature.

    Extra EVO 2 props can replace damaged or lost propellers at any time quickly and safely.

    Autel EVO II Propellers For EVO II Series


    • Precise fit with Autel Robotics EVO II drone (8K, Pro and Dual)
    • Convenient folding design
    • Quick-release for speedy prop changes
    •  Secure locking feature to keep stable during flight

    In The Box:

    • 1 x Clockwise (CW) Propeller
    • 1 x Counter-Clockwise (CCW) Propeller
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