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Autel EVO II Drone Battery

Autel Drone Battery Swap (Autel EVO II V2 and Autel EVO II V3)

Drone accessories always have a greater or lesser impact on the drone aircraft, and the most concerned should be the drone battery. Autel EVO II series drones, as Autel Robotics' leading drone aircraft, are constantly updated and iterated. From the initial V1 version to V2 version to V3 version, the performance of drones has been continuously upgraded, which has also triggered some users' concerns about drones. Machine battery concerns?

What is the difference between the Autel EVO II V2 battery and the V3 drone battery?

The battery of Autel EVO II V2 is the same as the battery of V3 drone. The battery of Autel EVO II V2 and the battery of V3 drone are both LiPo 3S batteries, with a battery capacity of 7100 mAh, and the charging time of a single battery is 90 minutes. Under ideal conditions, it can support the drone to fly for about 40 minutes at most.

Can I apply the V2 battery to the V3 drone?

Of course, there is not much change between the V2 drone and the V3 drone body, so the battery snap-in device is the same, and the V2 drone battery is perfectly adapted to the V3 drone.

The batteries of the V2 drone and the V3 drone are universal, but the firmware of the battery and the firmware of the drone must be upgraded to the latest version before they can be used. Similarly, the V3 drone battery can also be applied to the V2 drone.

Is the maintenance and maintenance of the Autel drone lithium-ion battery the same?

Yes, drone batteries are different from ordinary batteries, which have high discharge properties. Therefore, whether it is unused or used, the lithium battery of the drone should be maintained and stored.

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