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Autel Autonomy Engine of Autel MAX 4T

Autel Autonomy Engine of Autel MAX 4T

Autel EVO MAX 4T is a new creation of Autel Robotics in the field of commercial drones. EVO Max 4T brings powerful technology and advanced autonomy to users. Autel Robotics will continue to in-depth research and development of industrial drones focusing on autonomous drones in the future.

Autel MAX 4T has a series of intelligent navigation and data collection functions, and Autel Autonomy Engine technology is suitable for operations such as semi-autonomous flight missions, autonomous wayfinding, live broadcast and target acquisition.

What is Autel Autonomy Engine?

Autonomy Engine is a deep learning algorithm behavior for fully autonomous driving. In drones, it can be used for semi-autonomous flight or fully autonomous flight tasks of drones. It is used in drone positioning, perception, planning, and real-time mapping. In the process, intelligent and autonomous learning is realized and completed.

Autonomy Engine is also applied to the automatic driving of vehicles to simplify travel and provide drivers with safer and more accurate travel routes. At the same time, as we know Skydio 2, this is an advanced flight artificial intelligence system built around Skydio Autonomy Engine.

Autonomous Flight of the Autel MAX 4T

Autonomous Path Finding

Autel's Autonomy Engine collects surrounding environmental data and plans 3D flight paths through complex environments such as mountains, forests, and buildings. Use cases include rapid 3D scene reconstruction, public safety overwatch, industrial inspection.

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Navigation in GPS Denied Environment

Advanced sensors allow the EVO Max 4T to navigate within hardened structures, underground, or in environments without GPS.

autel Navigation in GPS Denied Environment

Accurate Object Identification and Tracking

Based on Autel's AI recognition technology, the EVO Max 4T can automatically identify and lock onto different types of targets such as heat sources, moving people, or vehicles and achieve high-altitude tracking and data collection for law enforcement.

autel Accurate Object Identification and Tracking

EVO MAX 4T Autonomy Technical Specifications

Non-GPS Hovering and Manual Flight

Indoor: Horizontal error ≤3cm (At least have texture at one direction) Outdoor: Daytime: Within 500m flight height, horizontal error < 0.01*height Night: Manual flight is controllable within 100m flight height

Non-GPS Return-to-Home

Within 500m flight height, horizontal error of Return-to-Home point < 30cm

Automatic Obstacle Rerouting

High Speed Obstacle Rerouting: Flight speed up to 20m/s when Min. safety distance to obstacle is 1.5m High Precision Obstacle Rerouting: Flight speed could reach 3m/s when Min. safety distance to obstacle is 0.2m

Multi-target Recognition and Tracking

Target identification types: people, vehicles, boats Number of targets detected: 64 Comprehensive recognition accuracy: > 85%

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