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Infrared Thermal Imaging Drone EVO II 640T Enterprise

Application of Infrared Thermal Imaging Drone

Drones equipped with infrared thermal imagers have become strong applications in more and more fields, and have important values in the power industry, construction industry, environmental protection, security search and rescue, agriculture and forestry.

Infrared thermal imaging technology was first used in the military industry, involving all aspects of omnidirectional detection, identification, infrared warning, tracking and guidance. With the continuous breakthrough of infrared technology, more space infrared thermal imaging products can be applied to civil affairs.

What is infrared thermal imaging technology?

640t drone with Thermal Sensor

Infrared thermal imaging technology is a passive, non-contact detection and identification technology, which can use the infrared radiation characteristic image formed by the temperature difference or radiation difference between the target and the background or each part of the target to find and identify the target. The function is temperature measurement and night vision.

Temperature measurement can realize non-contact long-distance temperature measurement and fault detection. The advantages are simple and intuitive, safe and accurate, efficient and time-saving, and work around the clock. Night vision, that is, it can easily detect and identify targets in the absence of light. The advantages are all-weather work, no fear of bad weather, long range and super stealth.

1. Application in power industry

Thermal Drones In Line Inspections

At present, the power industry is the industry with the most applications of civilian infrared thermal imaging drones. As the most efficient and mature non-contact detection method, drones with infrared thermal imaging cameras can greatly improve the progress of obtaining temperature or physical quantities. , The operational reliability of the power supply equipment has been further improved. Infrared thermal imaging drone plays a very important role in exploring the process of intelligence and ultra-automation in the power industry.

2. Application in construction industry

Low Sloped | Flat Roof Scans of autel 640tShingle | Tile | Slate Roof Surveys of EVO II 640T

Infrared thermal imaging drone, as a pre-maintenance diagnosis technology, is equally important to the construction industry. Infrared thermal imaging can quickly detect defects in the construction industry, and compared with visual inspection, the efficiency is greatly improved.

Example: missing insulation, air leaks, moisture, and thermal bridges, which can be found by measuring the surface temperature through infrared thermal images. It can not only improve the work efficiency of construction enterprises, but also reduce costs.

3. Application in the environmental industry

640t Thermal drone for hunting

The protection and observation of wild animals is inseparable from aerial thermal imaging drones. Infrared thermal imaging drones can help monitor the natural environment and wild animals. By detecting an animal's heat signature, it is possible to conduct species surveys, track migration behavior and monitor poaching.

4. Application in petrochemical industry

thermal drone for petrochemical industry


In the petrochemical production process, the operation of many important equipment is carried out under high temperature and high pressure conditions, lurking certain dangers of infrared thermal imaging, so the online detection of the production process is very important. Using infrared thermal imaging drones, it is possible to quickly detect the temperature changes of product transmission pipes, heat insulation materials, and various reaction furnaces in a large area and long distance, and detect, analyze, and process the two-dimensional temperature distribution on the surface of equipment and materials.

5. Application of Port Security

In port waterway applications, infrared thermal imaging drones can detect the number of passing ships, and the data is accurate. In addition, ordinary VTS systems are easily affected by waves, dense fog, and heavy rain at night. It is very difficult to realize the area detection function on the water surface. Thermal imaging can make up for the shortage of this equipment and provide the possibility to realize such applications. , with the help of thermal imaging perception of temperature, determine the position, speed, number and other information of the ship. Infrared thermal imaging can also pre-assess fault problems, including high and low voltage equipment, compressors and other electromechanical equipment in ports.

6. Application in the field of security

thermal drone for field of security

Border defense cannot be fault-tolerant. Since infrared thermal imaging drones are imaging devices that reflect the surface temperature of objects, personnel patrolling with infrared thermal imaging drones can avoid missed inspections, false inspections, and oversights.

7. Application in the field of forest fire prevention

Thermal camera drone for forest fire

In large-scale forests, thermal imaging drones can quickly and effectively detect hidden fires, rush to the scene as soon as possible, accurately determine the location and scope of fires, find fire points through smoke, and achieve early prevention and early extinguishment. At the scene of a forest fire, the temperature difference in different areas can also be measured to provide commanders with accurate data.

Best Infrared Thermal Imaging Drones to Buy

Infrared camera drone is an organic integration of drone technology and various industries, and promotes the intelligent and high-speed development of various industries through high-tech. The thermal imaging drones launched by Autel Robotics include EVO II 640T series and EVO MAX series. Among them, the EVO II 640T drone will be one of the most worth buying commercial thermal imaging drones.

EVO II 640T Enterprise Bundle V2

EVO II 640T V2 [3*Battery Bundle]

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EVO II 640T Rugged Bundle V3

EVO II 640T Rugged Bundle V3

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