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Vehicle-Mounted Drones

A Comprehensive Guide To Vehicle-Mounted Drones

Vehicle-mounted drones are an innovative application that combines drones with vehicles and are widely used in public safety, disaster response, infrastructure inspection and logistics distribution. Here, we will fully explain the vehicle-mounted drone system.

What is a vehicle-mounted drone system?

A vehicle-mounted drone system usually includes a drone, a vehicle platform and a control system.

The drone can deploy and land the aircraft with one click, convenient charging management and battery replacement, and a vehicle-mounted console allows the operator to monitor and control the drone in real time.

The world's first vehicle-mounted drone system is a new concept launched by DJI and BYD. The Chinese supercar YangWang U8 can be equipped with a roof drone base, which supports battery charging and automatic landing.

Can I buy a vehicle-mounted drone charging seat?

Thanks to the successful implementation of the first vehicle-mounted drone system launched by DJI and BYD, there are also vehicle-mounted drone charging seats on the market, such as HEISHA DCap Pro, which can be used for drone landing and automatic charging.

HEISHA DCap Pro vehicle-mounted drone docking system combines the ease of remote control of drones with the flexibility of vehicles, allowing anyone to fly a drone anytime, anywhere. In addition, it can also adapt to mainstream drone brands on the market, such as DJI, Skydio, Autel Robotics, Fimi and Parrot.

What is a tethered vehicle-mounted drone system?

The tethered vehicle-mounted drone system can be integrated with the vehicle power supply to maintain 24-hour operation, and is an important tool for public safety and search and rescue missions.

The active tethered vehicle-mounted drone system (Fotokite sigma) can be launched, flown and landed with the push of a button, saving team resources and no need for driving.

What is a vehicle-mounted anti-drone system?

The vehicle-mounted anti-drone solution is to install anti-drone equipment on a moving vehicle to detect and track illegal drones, interfere with and shield the abused drone signals, and ensure airspace safety.

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Advantages of vehicle-mounted drone systems

Vehicle-mounted drone systems have unique advantages when facing critical tasks.

Rapid deployment and response: drones can take off quickly from vehicle-mounted platforms for real-time monitoring and data collection, significantly improving response speed.

Efficient coverage and accessibility: Drones can reach areas that vehicles cannot reach, such as high altitudes, rugged terrain or disaster areas, as well as the last mile area, for comprehensive monitoring and data collection.

Safety and cost-effectiveness: Reduce exposure of personnel to high-risk environments and reduce the risk of accidents.

In the long run, the application of drones can reduce inspection and monitoring costs and improve efficiency.


Vehicle-mounted drone technology is an emerging technology with a bright future. Vehicle-mounted drone solutions can significantly improve work efficiency, reduce costs and improve safety for power grid companies, public security agencies, logistics companies, etc., bringing new opportunities and development prospects to various industries.

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