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Autel EVO I and Autel EVO II

Will EVO II V1 and V2 Series Support Continue?

The upgrade to the Autel EVO II v3 gives Autel Drones users the greatest confidence to see that a leading drone brand is working hard to bring good work.

EVO II drones have gone through V1 and V2, each time bringing major breakthroughs and improvements. Now EVO II v3 is officially on sale. For those who have purchased EVO V1 and EVO II V2, EVO II V1 and V2 are also available. Can I continue to use it normally?

Autel EVO II V3 Drones

First of all, the reason why EVO II drones choose to upgrade is that due to the shortage of chip energy and different chip structures, the V1 remote controller cannot communicate with the V2 drone.

This time, Autel Robotics launched the exciting new EVO II V3 series on October 28. This new chipset upgrades key features of our much-loved EVO II series, including greater image transmission range, better camera quality and Live Deck compatibility.

Even though the EVO II V1 is released in 2021, they are still available for Autel Drones users. And they love the EVO II V1 and V2 models. We will continue to continue sales and maintenance support services.

Expiration Date of The Old Version Service

EVO II V1 Series – May 2023

EVO II V2 Series – October 2024

The EVO II series is an important strategy made by Autel Drones, and it has also won us the support of drone enthusiasts, but due to chip problems, the EVO II V1 series will inevitably come to an end.

As a purchased user of Autelpilot, you have the right to apply for a discount to us, and we will provide you with a discount on the purchase of the EVO II V3 drone. Also thank you for your interest in the EVO II V1 and EVO II v2 series.

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