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Drone’s GPS System Fails

What Should I Do If My Drone’s GPS System Fails?

Drone enthusiasts may feel at a loss when their drone’s GPS system fails, so please keep a cool head. Here, we will explain what you should do if your drone’s GPS fails!

When you find that the drone's GPS system is malfunctioning, you should immediately determine the location of your drone, whether the drone is still within your line of sight, whether the drone can return or descend safely, etc., and control your drone well.

Drone GPS Failure Guide

1. Switch to manual mode

If the GPS system fails when you are flying a drone mission, please switch to manual mode and take over the control of the drone yourself to keep the drone flight stable.

2.Keep sight

Keeping the drone within sight is beneficial to every pilot. Pursuing a long image transmission distance for a long-range drone is likely to cause your drone to fly to unknown places and get lost. After the drone's GPS system fails, return your drone to flight and maintain visual contact with the drone to prevent it from flying out of range or hitting obstacles.

3. Activate return-to-home function

If your drone has a return-to-home feature that does not rely on GPS, activate it to command the drone to return to the launch point. This feature may use other sensors, such as a barometer or visual positioning system, to navigate back.

4. Manually land the drone

If the return-to-home function is unavailable or unreliable without GPS, try landing the drone manually in a safe and open area. Gradually reduce the throttle to allow the drone to descend smoothly.

5. Perform post-flight inspection

Once the drone has landed safely, check for any damage or issues that could cause the GPS to malfunction. It is important to resolve all technical issues before attempting to fly your drone again.

What will happen to Autel drones after their GPS system fails?

After the GPS system failure of Autel drone, the aircraft will not fall, it will keep hovering or return.

What happens if the GPS system fails while an aircraft is on a scheduled mission?

In case of disconnection, the aircraft will return to the home point by default. Of course, the drone pilot can also change settings through the remote control to complete preset tasks. After choosing to complete a preset mission, you need to remain vigilant about your drone at all times.

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