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Oblique Photography

What Is The Oblique Photography Mission by RTK Drone?

In surveying and mapping tasks, service provider drones continue to introduce drones to perform tasks. Using drones to perform surveying and mapping tasks reduces the traditional large-scale deployment of labor costs, and more efficiently obtains accurate information. Among them, RTK drone is the best drone for surveying and mapping tasks.

When deploying with RTK drones, we will receive a new term: Oblique Photography Mission. In this article, we will learn everything about the Oblique Photography Mission.

What Is Oblique Photography?


Aerial photos are usually classified as vertical or oblique. Vertical photos are taken with the camera axis pointing as vertically as possible to the ground, that is, from directly above the subject.

A tilted photo, on the other hand, is taken with the camera axis tilted toward the ground, at an angle to the subject. Oblique aerial photos are more able to provide the appearance of features rising from the ground, such as buildings, terrain, foliage, etc. in relation to the ground and horizon.

In drone surveying, oblique photogrammetry facilitates the creation of 3D models, RTK drones take multiple oblique images, organize all data in post-processing software and generate the required 3D models.

Advantages Of Oblique Photography (Live 3D)

High precision

It can achieve 1:500 high-scale surveying and mapping to meet the needs of high-precision measurement. When using RTK drones, tilt shooting can also effectively reduce lens distortion and reduce errors.


Efficient operation, the efficiency of field data collection is 5 to 10 times that of traditional manual methods, shortening the project cycle and achieving rapid delivery.

Restore High

Taking multiple shots at intervals effectively and precisely compares, contrasts, and merges the position and relative height information collected from each dataset to create real-world 3D data with centimeter-level accuracy.

Highlights Of Oblique Photography

Oblique photogrammetry technology is a comprehensive perception of complex scenes in a large-scale, high-precision and high-definition way. It provides a guarantee for the real effect and the accuracy of surveying and mapping, and at the same time effectively improves the production efficiency of the model, and greatly reduces the economic cost and time cost of 3D model data acquisition.

More About RTK Drones

Autel Robotics EVO II RTK Series Come with 2 different camera

RTK drones are designed to provide users with a full range of intelligent features and solutions to meet various mission needs. RTK drones are capable of intelligently planning missions, significantly improving mission workflow and helping to reduce operating costs.

The Autel RTK series provides two drones, Autel EVO II Pro RTK and Autel EVO II Dual 640t RTK. When performing autonomous planning missions, RTK drones can also be used for Waypoint Mission, Rectangular Mission, and Polygon Mission.

More Possibilities For Oblique Photography

Oblique photography is constantly being used in the establishment of 3D models of real scenes. It is a digital mapping based on physical geographic information, which retains real environmental information on a large scale.

The real 3D modeling technology based on oblique photography is gradually becoming one of the important modeling methods. All-round and high-precision visual expression of twin city space.

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