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Autel RTK Drone - RTK Module In Autel Enterprise Drone

Autel RTK Drone - RTK Module In Autel Enterprise Drone

RTK drones have become the best drone for surveying necessary for more and more industrial surveying and land surveying. RTK-enabled drones can accurately track their geographic location. Among commercial drones, there is no standard for GPS correction processing. Drones are just carriers for cameras. But if the drone is equipped with an rtk module, you will get the best drone for topographic survey.

What Is RTK Drone?

A real-time kinetic drone or RTK drone is a professional surveying tool. The RTK module on the drone handles recording GPS information and geotagging images, with the GPS position recorded at the center of each image. RTK drone is a new drone technology, the best drone for survey mapping.

Who Uses RTK Drones?

Surveyors, cartographers, and developers all use RTK drones to make accurate measurements of the location of key geographic features. The Autel EVO II RTK drone comes with a number of planning modules depending on the model you choose. These can include mission planning, terrain awareness, block segmentation, etc.

Autel Robotics EVO II RTK drone

The Autel EVO II Dual RTK drone has dual cameras for accurate temperature measurement, high-resolution thermal imaging sensors and 8k cameras that can not only be applied to terrain planning, surveying and mapping tasks, but also to prevent forest fires, detect fire scenes, and complete more Multitasking.

The Autel EVO II Pro RTK drone features a 6k high-resolution camera that helps provide stable and accurate data acquisition in complex operating environments.

Why Do You Need A Base Station For Your RTK Drone?

The base station works in tandem with RTK drones to make accurate position corrections in real-time while flying. It is the central connection point that the drone communicates with.

The Evo II RTK series supports third-party base stations with NTRIP capability.

RTK Drone with NTRIP capability

The EVO II RTK series supports RTK high-precision GNSS base stations to obtain real-time differential data, and can obtain the precise coordinates of the specified target point.

RTK Drone with GNSS Base Station

What Are The Advantages Of Using RTK VS Drone's GPS System?

RTK modules allow centimeter-level positioning. The drone's onboard GPS system is only 3 feet accurate. This is a huge difference! RTK modules without ground control points support PPK and time synchronization. When it comes to accuracy, RTK drones and base stations are the best tools for the job. It can also be said that the rtk drone is the best gps drone.

RTK Drone

Do You Need WiFi To Use RTK Features?

High-precision RTK modules are not limited by communication links or network coverage. You don't need WiFi to fly your drone, but you may need WiFi to access certain functions, such as loading base maps or syncing airspace unlock certificates.

RTK drones record RTK and GPS geotags during flight. Both were taken as each image was recorded. Once you bring the drone home, you can download all the photos and process them as needed. You can use WiFi on your drone. This will allow you to instantly upload your images to the cloud and give you access to several other features.

Do You Need An RTK Drone?

Mapping and surveying drones with precise knowledge of ground data to give feedback for some precise forecasting or mission planning.ask us about our state-of-the-art RTK drones. Some of the hottest RTK drones on the market today are the EVO II Dual RTK, M300 RTK, and Phantom 4 RTK. EVO II RTK is drones in stock near me, Autelpilot is drone store near me now, if you want to buy rtk drone in usa, EVO II Dual RTK /EVO II Pro RTK for sale usa.

Autel Robotics offers enterprise drones that are well-equipped to meet the needs of your surveying or construction company, providing surveying and engineering professionals with a highly accurate and flexible mapping solution. drones with RTK modules are fully integrated and fully compatible survey-grade surveying and mapping drones. Autel EVO II Dual RTK /EVO II Pro RTK A very reliable rtk drone with a maximum flight time of 36 minutes, a maximum transmission range of 5.5 miles, and a maximum speed of 45 mph.

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