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Drone Falls Into The Water

What If My Drone Falls Into The Water?

When driving drones, it is necessary to observe the changes in the surrounding environment, and keep drones within your sight. What should you do if your drone is unfortunately falling into the water?

Most drones can fly in the light rain, but it cannot be done for a long time. If the drone falls into the water and floods the entire drone, you need to be vigilant. We will provide you with the following measures to help you save the drone where you fall.

Drone Falling Water Guide

drone falling into the water

Once the drone falls, you need to take measures as soon as possible to avoid or reduce the destructive power of water damage.

  1. Keep calm and salvage your drone.
  2. Turn off the power: turn off the power immediately and remove the battery.
  3. Pay attention to the falling water situation. If it falls in the seawater or marsh mud water, rinse it with distilled water; if it falls in fresh water, remove the component for the next drying treatment.
  4. Disassembling parts: Disassemble the various parts of the drone. If you are not a professionals, please do not handle the host circuit board.
  5. Dry treatment: Place each part in a ventilated and dry place for drying, use a hair dryer to dry the water, be careful not to overheat to avoid damage to the drone components.
  6. Maintenance inspection: After the drying process is completed, it is necessary to perform maintenance inspections on each component to ensure that the drone can work normally.
  7. Open the drone to observe the flight of the drone. If it is damaged or faulty, it needs to be replaced or fixed in time.

Will AUTEL repair water damage?

Salvage Drone

Water damage usually has a strong destructive power for unmanned unit components. With the severe water damage to the drone, the AUTEL maintenance center may not be able to repair your drones. At this time, you may need to buy a new drone.

Is it a huge investment to buy a new drone? If you buy an Autel Robotics Care in advance, you can use this service to replace the new drone.

Does Autel Robotics Care cover water stain damage?

Airel said on its website that water damage is included in the AUTEL ROBOTICS CARE Insurance Plan Package. Therefore, if your drone is indeed damaged by accidental drop or rain, as long as your Auto Robotics Care package is still valid, you can send the drone to AutoL Robotics for maintenance or replacement.

*Before buying an Autel Robotics Care, please make sure your aircraft meets the following conditions: the new aircraft is not activated; the aircraft will start within 48 hours.

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