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UAV Drones Sensor

What are the functions of the various sensors on the UAV drone?

You may have heard this sentence: UAV drone is a "sensor" for flight. That is to say, if there are no various sensors to control flight, fuselage stabilization, sailing direction, and capture video, the stability purpose of a UAV drone's flight cannot be realized. In the market, many civilian UAV drones are equipped with various types of sensors. At present, these commercial UAV drones are beginning to penetrate many fields such as logistics, aerial photography, agricultural plant protection, environmental protection testing, and circuit maintenance.

UAV Drones Sensor

1. UAV drone acceleration sensor

We know that the various sensors assembled in a large number of civilian UAV drone airframes, including sensors such as angular rate, attitude, position, acceleration, altitude and airspeed, are the basis of the flight control system. Among them, the acceleration sensor is the standard configuration of many UAV drones. It is mainly used to determine the position and flight attitude of the UAV drone and plays a key role in maintaining the flight control of the UAV drone. Accelerometers can sense motion gestures in various ways and can sense tiny movements of tiny integrated circuits. Such motions alter the movement of electrical currents in the structure, indicating gravity-related displacement changes.

2. UAV drone electronic compass

On the UAV drone like airplane drones, the electronic compass is mainly used to provide critical inertial navigation and orientation system information. Compared with other sensors, the electronic compass has obvious advantages of low power consumption, high precision and short response time, which is very suitable for the application of UAV drones.

3. UAV drone tilt sensor

The tilt sensor integrated with the gyroscope and the acceleration sensor provides the data for maintaining the level of flight for the UAV drone flight control system. This is the most important stability monitoring application during the transport and delivery of fragile goods. By combining the gyroscope and the acceleration sensor, the subtle movement changes of the UAV drone can be measured, so that the tilt sensor can be used in mobile programs, such as the gyro compensation of cars or drones.

4. UAV drone current sensor

In a UAV drone, the consumption and use of electrical energy are very important, especially in the case of battery power. Current sensors can be used to monitor and optimize power consumption, ensuring the safety of the UAV drone's internal battery charging and motor failure detection systems. Current sensors work by measuring current, ideally providing electrical isolation to reduce power loss and eliminate the chance of electrical shock damaging the user's system. At the same time, with a fast response time and high-precision current sensors, it can also optimize the life and performance of the UAV drone battery.

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