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Your First Drone

How To Choose Your First Drone?

Recreational drones are very common, and drone novices are very interested in drone driving and drone photography. Here, we will introduce the most suitable recreational drones for drone novices in 2024 to those who are interested in drones, allowing you to discover the most satisfying first drone guide.

Are you ready to start your drone adventure?

Drones offer a completely different way to understand the world and technology, gain new skills and enjoy flying. Stunning aerial images are the result of drone photographers practicing drone flying and drone photography.

Autel EVO Lite+ Drone

Flying a drone is also exciting. High-speed aircraft bring unprecedented feelings, and FPV drones can make people immersive from the first perspective.

Recreational drones allow people to learn drone piloting and practice drone photography, while commercial drones can be used to perform a variety of drone tasks, such as construction monitoring, technical inspections, cargo delivery, or recording promotional videos . Saving time and money while gaining new growth opportunities.

Before choosing your first drone, you also need to have some understanding of drone laws and regulations. In some places, the type, flight height, and flight area of drones are clearly controlled. You need to fully understand drone registration and drone flying matters.

Which drone should you choose for your first drone?

Drone novices often feel confused when it comes to choosing their first drone, as the drone market offers a wide variety of options. Here we will describe several decisive factors.

  • Drone price
  • Drone range
  • Drone flight time
  • Why do you buy a drone?
  • Drone camera quality
  • Drone weight
  • Decide on your budget

The first thing you need to determine is your budget. Drones come in different prices, so this is an important criterion. If you are a beginner pilot, there is no need to invest in the most expensive model right away. The Autelpilot store has a great drone for beginners, the Autel EVO Nano+, at an affordable price.

The value of the drone determines the price of the drone. Lower-priced drones may not offer as many features, but they can work well for learning to fly. Higher-priced drones have better camera quality and additional features.

Fly a drone

Determine your goals

Think about what you want to achieve with your drone. Whether you just want to enjoy flying or are interested in advanced photography or filming? The choice of drone model depends on your goals.

Flight duration

Another important aspect of choosing your first drone is flight time, which is the length of time the drone can stay in the air without recharging. For starters, a drone with a flight time of 10 to 20 minutes. Newbies to drones can practice drone flying as well as drone hovering.

Scope and control

The drone image transmission range and drone signal control are also important factors in testing drones. The drone's signal frequency band, transmission stability, and image transmission connection will all affect the drone pilot's judgment of the drone's flight status and affect flight safety.

Drone camera

If you're interested in photography, keep an eye out for cameras with better image quality. Drones offer different camera resolutions and capabilities. For filmmakers, features like 4K, image stabilization and the ability to record in various modes are important.

Additional features

There are also noteworthy additional features such as night photo mode, smart object tracking, Hyperlapse mode, 360-degree photos, image stabilization or safety features such as automatic return to starting point or obstacle avoidance.

Your first drone in 2024

There are various models of drones on the market that are perfect for beginners. Choosing the right first drone in 2024 depends on your needs and goals. Whether you are interested in photography, recreational flying or professional applications, you will find the right model on the market. Here are some suggestions for starting your drone adventure:

Autel EVO Nano+

Autel EVO Lite+


Autel EVO Lite+

Autel EVO II Pro V3


249g small and lightweight drone, easy to use, can shoot 4K video, perfect for beginners learning to fly.

The 6K photography drone has a flight time of up to 40 minutes and is one of the high-quality drones for beginners.  6K professional photography drone, with a flight time of 40 minutes and an image transmission range of up to 15km.


Choosing your first drone can be difficult, but with the right information and direction, you can make an informed choice. Keep in mind your budget, your goals, and the features that are important to you. No matter which drone you choose, remember that flying a drone is all about having fun and exploring the sky! If you're ready for a drone adventure, find the model that's right for you.

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