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Resume My Drone Mission

How Can I Resume My Drone Mission After Replacing Its Battery?

Autel EVO II series and EVO MAX series drones can set a drone mission plan, and the drone will automatically fly along the set path. When my drone runs out of power and the drone mission is interrupted, can I still resume the mission?

Autel EVO II series and EVO MAX series drones can perform Rectangle, Oblique, Recording, and Slope missions. After each flight, the drone mission trajectory will be retained in the historical missions and can be viewed at any time.

Autel EVO II Drone Mission

When you log in to your Autel account, the drone mission track not only stays on the remote control storage, but also appears in the next mission following your account.

When you start a drone mission, you need to plan your drone flight. How large an area will the drone cover, and at what speed and altitude will it fly? Among them, the speed of drone battery consumption will affect your drone mission.

When my drone returns home with low battery, can I interrupt the mission and continue the mission next time?

Before the drone performs a flight mission, please upgrade the drone firmware, remote control, and battery firmware to the latest version.

After using the EVO II series drone to perform a mission, the battery is low and the battery has to be replaced. At this time, you need to turn off the drone to safely install the new battery. The drone mission had to be terminated.

You can see the flight record in the historical mission. In the latest firmware version, you can continue the mission or choose to start a new mission.

When using the EVO MAX series drones to perform missions, since the EVO MAX series has a hot-swappable battery, you do not need to turn off the drone, click to abort the mission, and update the new drone battery as quickly as possible. The drone mission is interrupted. Can be restored and continued.

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