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How To Sync Drone Flight Logs?

How To Sync Drone Flight Logs?

For quadcopter drone flying enthusiasts, it is of great significance to master your own drone flight log and record every flight you fly!

How to sync the flight records of Autel drone?

Taking the EVO II drone as an example, the Autel EVO II series drones need to be used with the Autel Explorer App. If Autel drone users want to synchronize drone flight records, they should register for an Autel drone user account.

The software will not leak user data or read mobile phone data, please feel free to use it!

In the Autel Explorer App, after logging in to the account, one account can store the flight records of multiple Autel drones, which is more convenient for users to view!

Simple guidelines for synchronizing drone flight records: Enter APP Home page --Personal Center --Flight Logs--Upload all flight logs to Cloud.

Enter APP Home page:

Enter APP Home page Personal Center

Before starting every Autel drone flight, please make sure that the drone firmware and drone application have been upgraded to the latest version.

Personal Center:

The personal center is very simple and clear, and can clearly view the status of each flight, as well as the total flight time, number of times, mileage, etc.!

Flight Logs:

Flight Logs

Flight Logs can track every flight very well. Here, Autel drone users can see the flight date, flight altitude, flight speed, relative altitude, altitude from the home point, and warning information. At the same time, if you encounter any problems during the flight, you can upload the flight record, and our drone experts will answer the special questions, determine the damage and determine the responsibility, etc.!

Upload all flight logs to Cloud

The easiest step is to upload flight records to the cloud.

Upload all flight logs to Cloud