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How does autel drone work?

Are you flying an Autel drone? Want to know how the Autel drone takes off? Here, let’s take a deeper look at the internal structure and composition of the Autel drone.

What's the Autel drone?

An autel drone is an unmanned aircraft operated by radio-controlled equipment and self-contained programmed controls or operated fully or intermittently autonomously by an onboard computer.

Who uses Autel drones?

Autel drones are divided into consumer drone series and commercial drone series! While consumer drones are being flown for recreational purposes, commercial drones can be used in most industries and provide new impetus.

Autel drone is widely used in aerial photography, agriculture, plant protection, miniature selfie, express transportation, disaster rescue, observation of wild animals, monitoring of infectious diseases, surveying and mapping, news reporting, power inspection, disaster relief, film and television shooting, romance and other fields.

Autel Drones

1. The composition of autel drone

Autel drone consists of an aircraft body, flight control system, data link system, launch recovery system, power supply system, etc. The flight management and control system is equivalent to the "heart" part of the autel drone system.

It has an important impact on the stability of the autel drone, the reliability of data transmission, accuracy, and real-time performance, and plays a decisive role in its flight performance. The core of the air drone body is the aircraft controller - the main control MCU.

Disassembling Autel Drone

MCU is also called a single-chip microcomputer, which appropriately reduces the frequency and specifications of the central processing unit.

And peripheral interfaces such as memory, counter, USB, A/D conversion, UART, PLC, DMA, and even LCD drive circuits are integrated into a single chip to form a chip-level computer. Do different combination controls for different applications.

The main control MCU of the autel drone plays a very important role in the autel drone flight system.

2. The working principle of autel drone

Vertical motion, autonomous unmanned aerial vehicles utilize rotors to advance and stop. The relativity of forces means that when the rotor pushes the air, the air pushes the rotor in the opposite direction.

This is the basic principle of an autel drone being able to go up and down. Furthermore, the faster the rotor spins, the greater the lift and vice versa. And to make the atel drone turn right, you need to reduce the angular speed of the rotor.

The working principle of autel drone

However, although the lack of thrust from the rotor can make the autel drone change the direction of motion, the upward force is not equal to the downward gravity at the same time, so the autel drone will descend.

The autel drone is symmetrical. The same applies to lateral movements. A four-wheeled autel drone is like a car where every side can be used as a front, so how to move forward also explains how to move backwards or to the sides.

3. Autel drone MCU is the core of the flight control subsystem

The flight control system is the core system for an autel drone to complete the entire flight process of take-off, aerial flight, mission execution and return to the field. The flight control of an autel drone is equivalent to the role of the driver of the manned aircraft, and we think it is one of the core technologies of an autel drone.

Flight control generally includes three major parts: sensors, onboard computers and servo actuation equipment. The functions implemented mainly include autel drone attitude stabilization and control, autel drone mission equipment management and emergency control.

Autel drone flying

In addition to the autel drone MCU, the air drone also needs the mutual assistance of gyroscopes, accelerometers, geomagnetic sensors, air pressure sensors, ultrasonic sensors, optical flow sensors, and GPS modules to complete the flight.

The IMU senses the attitude of the aircraft in the air and sends the data to the main control processor MCU. The main control processor MCU will control the stable operation of the aircraft through flight algorithms according to user-operated instructions and IMU data.

Since there is a large amount of data to be calculated and high real-time control is required, the performance of the air drone MCU also determines whether the aircraft can fly stably and flexibly.


By understanding the above information, drone beginners or DIY drone enthusiasts will have a certain understanding of the structure of drones. Autel drones have strong performance. Whether it is a consumer drone or a commercial drone, you can find a drone that suits you.

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