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EVO Nano Plus - 360° Panorama

Can I take 360° panoramas with Autel EVO Nano+?

Autel EVO Nano+, as a member of the mini camera drone, has shown amazing camera photography capabilities. EVO Nano+ has a variety of shooting modes, 360° panoramic photos are a very attractive way to take pictures, and Autel EVO Nano+ can also do it.

What Is A 360° Panorama?

360° panorama is also known as three-dimensional panorama and panoramic view. 360° panoramic technology is a three-dimensional virtual display technology. It consists of two parts: panoramic photography and virtual panorama.

Panoramic photography refers to a panoramic image formed by stitching a group of 360° photos of the camera ring through seamless processing. Virtual panorama refers to the use of certain network technology to restore the real scene to display on the Internet, and has strong interactivity.

360° photo evo nano+

Autel EVO Nano Plus - 360° Panorama Mode?

The spherical panorama is quite attractive. Autel EVO Nano+ supports the shooting of panoramic images, and drone users can perform post-processing software on the panoramic images to synthesize 360° spherical panoramas. The spherical 360° panoramic photo is the splicing part of the front, rear, left, right, upper and lower photos, and the transition is natural, smooth and without traces.

360° Panoramas evo nano plus

Autel EVO Nano+ takes about 1 minute to take a panoramic photo, and drone users can synthesize it in Lightroom, Photoshop, Panomastudio and other software. Drone panoramic photos are stored in JPG format. Of course, you can also browse free photo editing software for help.

Enjoy 360 Spherical Panoramas Captured By Drone Users With The Autel Evo Nano+

360° Panoramas evo nano+

360° Panoramas photo evo nano plus

As a professional 4k camera drone, Autel EVO Nano+ has a variety of shooting modes. Beginners of drones can use Autel EVO Nano+ to learn photography skills and flying skills. EVO Nano+ has a 1/1.28-inch sensor and a large F/1.9 Aperture, three-axis gimbal stabilization, three-way obstacle avoidance sensing, 10 km long-distance image transmission. One of the best camera drones among consumer drones.

Autel EVO Nano+

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