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Drone Record And Take Photos At The Same Time

Can A Drone Record And Take Photos At The Same Time?

After getting your first consumer drone, understanding the camera settings is the first step to taking great drone photography.

67% of drone enthusiasts asked: Can I use a drone to record videos and take photos at the same time? So, can a drone do it?

A drone's camera takes pictures and videos similar to a cell phone camera setup. When in photo mode, you need to click the capture button to take pictures. When in video mode, you need to click to start recording, and then click to end recording.

Normally, in the video mode of the drone, you can switch to the photo mode, or even click to take a photo, and hear the "click" sound of taking the photo, but no photos will be retained in the memory card, only the video. Obviously, it is not feasible for most drones to record and take pictures at the same time.

In response to this situation, Autel Drone provides the option of taking photos at intervals for drone video recording in the Video settings. In the Video settings, turn on the Take Photos While shooting video button switch, select the interval time, such as 5s/10s/30s/60s, etc., and the Autel drone will take interval photos.

Autel Sky APP Video Setting

When you want to take a photo to stay at a certain moment while drone video is being recorded, you can also take a screenshot to capture a still frame photo after the drone video is finished and keep it.

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