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EVO II Pro 6k 10-bit Color Log

Autel EVO II Pro 6k 10-bit Color Log Instructions

As the leading aerial drone, Autel EVO II Pro is a high-end consumer drone in the camera drone market. Aerial photographers or professional film aerial photography can use EVO II Pro 6k to shoot commercial videos. Smooth HD and one of the best consumer drones for aerial photography.

EVO II Pro: Professional Photography Drone

evo 2 pro drone specs

EVO II Pro is equipped with a 1-inch large sensor camera lens, supports 20MP and 6k/30fps video, f/2.8-f/11 adjustable aperture, 28.6mm equivalent focal length, multiple shooting modes, supports 1-8x digital zoom, The maximum 3x lossless zoom, the maximum resolution of 6K photos is 5472x3648, and the maximum resolution of 6K videos is 5472x3076.

The EVO II Pro features a 10-bit color log, a mode that offers professional photographers more flexibility in post-production. 10-bit A-Log Color allows the EVO II Pro to record up to 1 billion colors.

What is an A-Log color profile?

A-log is a relatively flat, muted color profile. This color profile captures more dynamic range, contrast and detail. One of the goals of an A-log color profile is to prevent shadows from being too dark and highlights too bright and washed out.

For more experienced aerial videographers, choosing the mode selection for shooting video and turning on 10-bit A-Log Color recording will enable the EVO II Pro to retain more rich details in shadows and highlights during shooting for post-production. Provides greater flexibility.

How is 10-bit A-Log Color different from 8-bit A-Log Color?

evo 2 pro drone 10-bit A-Log Color

When choosing a photography drone among Autel Drones, the EVO Nano series and EVO Lite series have 8-bit A-Log Color, while the EVO II Pro has a 10-bit color log. Therefore, relatively speaking, the images captured by the EVO II Pro will have a larger dynamic range of colors and retain more details in the photos.

What is the difference between D-Cinelike, D-Log and A-Log?

D-Cinelike and D-log are color profiles from DJI drones, and A-Log is color profiles from Autel Drones. The competition between DJI drones and Autel Drones is heating up, especially among consumer drones.

However, based on different drone camera parameters, camera lens algorithm design, we cannot directly compare the differences between D-Cinelike, D-Log and A-Log color profiles.

D-Cinelike is a unique video color profile created by DJI for some of its high-end consumer and professional drones. This color profile captures a wide range of colors, with noticeable changes in color depth and emphasis on more saturated color areas.

Compared with D-Cinelike, D-log has a flat and soft overall image. The purpose of this color profile is to capture more dynamic range, contrast and detail.

A-log highlights the color, contrast and vibrancy of footage when shooting with Autel Drones. Autel Drone users captured a noticeably tighter color range when shooting with HDR turned on, with brighter details in highlights and too dark details in shadows.

Common Color Profile

For amateur pilots, mastering photography skills can be difficult. It is more suitable to choose the normal color profile mode. Drone pilots can capture cool aerial footage without laboriously color grading it to make it expressive.

The normal color profile is based on the original intelligent algorithm. The raw material video is bright, saturated and vibrant, but is usually not suitable for post-editing.

Last Words

Drone photography is important to the choice of color log files, and the Autel EVO II Pro is the only photography drone in Autel consumer drones with a 10-bit color log. For amateur photographers, you can get beautiful aerial shots in normal mode without adjustment.

Professional aerial photographers will utilize special photography techniques, color graded log mode, for easy post-editing. Want aerial video footage of unrivaled quality? Don't miss the EVO II Pro 6k drone with 10-bit color log.

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