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Must Read: Autel EVO II 5 Advantages Review

Since the recent release of brand new Autel EVO II drones which comes in three different models: 8K, Pro and Dual. And maybe you have viewed lots of the pic and specs about EVO II even somebody has received their drone and have a Flying. And it definitely has a lot of great advantages.

They have put together a very solid and well-built drone with specs that are out of this world, you might say. Of course, you will hear that the news of the specs of the Autel EVO 2 caused a bit of a shockwave at DJI’s head offices, and rightfully so. DJI currently has no drone offering at this price point that can compete with the Autel EVO 2 specs.

Autel’s new EVO drone is truly impressive and we can’t wait to fly it more. Now let have a full explore about the pros and cons of EVO II.

First, let's have view the introducing video of EVO II again,

Advantage 1 | 8K Videos

Of course, the Evo 2's main advantage is it's up to 8K camera. Not to forget about being able to record 4K at up to 60fps.

Which such a high resolution, the drone lets the competition look almost a bit elderly.

Sure, many people ask, why 8K should interest them at all. "What do you want me to do with 8K? I just recently bought a 4K TV."

Spoiler: this discussion already showed up when Full HD and later 4K were introduced to the mass market.

But: the main reason to nowadays pick an 8K camera is to shoot futureproof material. We don't own a single 8K screen either.

Autel EVO II 5 Advantages 8k vidoe camera

Also, the 8K material is of great help when working on standard Full HD or 4K projects, as you can seamlessly and without a great loss of quality zoom ("crop") into the footage, creating something like a digital zoom.

Which such a high resolution, the drone lets the competition look almost elderly.

8K in early 2020 is more about expanding one's creative possibilities, then being watched straight out of the camera.

And at some point, 8K is going to be the new standard, it's just a question of time. And those that invest early will have up-to-date, crisp and clean looking footage even then.

The 8K recordings the camera recorded then were crisp and clean and super sharp - there is a noticeable loss of quality in the corners, but the footage still looks way sharper than standard 4K, for example (even on screens that cannot display 8K, that's the funny sidenote).

Look at basic 4k footage on EVO II 8K Drone

Yes, the optics aren't ideal, a slight distortion is visible, but the 8K results still look very sharp due to the high resolution!

The Autel Evo 2 drone still is at an early stage - there will for sure be other firmware updates to even eliminate more of the current flaws.

Advantage 2 | Interchangeable Camera

Please note that we couldn't test swapping the camera of the Evo 2 drone yet, as we only have one of its cameras so far.

But Autel claims that it takes less than ten minutes and no fancy skills to replace the camera of the drone.

Autel evo ii three camera are interchangeable

Currently, there are three camera versions:

  • l 1/2'' + 8K (Evo 2)
  • l 1'' + 6K (Evo 2 Pro)
  • l 1/2'' + 4K + FLIR LWIR Camera (Evo 2 Dual)

Relate: Difference between EVO 2, EVO 2 pro and EVO 2 Dual 

Not only will you be able to swap the camera in case it should ever break, which would be way more cost-efficient than having to replace the entire drone.

But it also means that maybe future and even better cameras will be attachable to the Autel Evo 2.

The modular structure of the camera is a huge advantage - and the Evo 2 pretty much the only serious consumer drone that at all allows replacing the camera.

Advantage 3 | 40 Mins Flight time

The drone doesn't stay airborne for 40 minutes as the specs might make you hope. But it's already astonishing that it stays in the air for more than half an hour.

Autel EVO II flying with 40 Mins Flight time

And all of that while weighing more than 1.1kg, and with the energy-intensive obstacle-avoidance system and its twelve cameras running.

35 minutes of flight time is a realistic value.

Still, users should be wise and acknowledge that working with a single battery is not gonna get them through a full day of shooting, but with only one or two spare batteries, that shouldn't be an issue anymore.

Advantage 4 |Flies Steadily

The Evo 2 drone flies steadily!

It might not sound like a great and hard to accomplish task, but other manufacturers already burnt their hands here (namely GoPro). Even when the temperature dropped below -12°C and when the winds were howling, nothing could fluster the drone.

Flying is rock solid stable which is another huge plus over the majority of other drones on the market

Watch this test clip:

At first, you might think that the drone is dancing and not flying too steady - but that wouldn't take the weather into account. The drone's behavior, how it fought and laid its body into the wind, how it quickly adjusted to the gusts, was really well.

Nothing can unbalance the Evo 2 quickly, it flies smooth and steady.

Advantage 5 | Anticollission System

Not less than in total twelve cameras cover all flight directions (saying the front, back, right, left, up and down).

It has omni-directional obstacle avoidance with a range of 20m – meaning it can sensing within 20m of the obstacle and slowing down to avoid crash.


The Evo 2 drone is a true pioneer and we are happy that Autel risked putting it on this risky and highly competitive market.

The drone flies stable and comes with a true 8K camera - though we would also be very interested in reviewing the 6K camera that also features a 1'' sensor. All of that is pretty cool!

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