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Autel Evo II vs EVO I Comparison - Top 3 Differences

Are you confused about which Autel drone to choose among Autel EVO II VS EVO 1 generation?

Worry no more as we’ve highlighted every important feature, the pros, and cons of every drone to make you choose easy. The Autel EVO is an initial version and Upgraded version Autel EVO II, and they have the same specs also have a big difference.

If you want a higher cost-effective drone with a budget less than $1.5k, then you should go for the Autel EVO drone. But if you want a more advanced and can experience 8k, then the Autel EVO II is the drone for you.

Autel EVO II VS evo drone

Autel EVO 2 vs. EVO 1 Comparison Chart


Autel EVO II

Autel EVO I

Image: Autel EVO II Autel EVO
Still Photography Modes: Single shot
Burst shooting
Auto exposure bracketing (AEB)
High-dynamic-range (HDR) imaging
NIGHTBEAT (high signal-to-noise ratio)
Single shot
Burst shooting
Auto Exposure Bracketing (AEB)
Effective Pixels: 48MP for EVO II & Dual
20MP for EVO II Pro
Max Resolution: 8k for EVO II
6k for EVO II Pro
8K+ thermal resolution 640x512
Codec: H.264/H.265 for EVO II 8K
H.264/H.266 for EVO II Pro & Dual
Bit Rate: 120Mbps 100Mbps
Field of View: 79°C for 8k
82°C for Pro
34°C for Dual infrared camera
Aperture: fl.8 for 8k
f2.8-f/11 for Pro
Visible f1.8 for Dual
Zoom: 1-8x(4x lossless) N/A
Take-off Weight: 1,127g for EVO II
1,174g for EVO II Pro
1,192g for EVO II Dual
Flight Time: Moving: 40mins
Hover: 35mins
30 mins
Flight Distance: 9km 7 km
Max Speed: Standard: 15m/s
Ludicrous: 20m/s
20 m/s
Storage: Internal: 8GB
Max SD: 128GB
SD: 4GB-128GB
Dynamic Track: AI Enhanced (behind, side-by-side, or fixed position) Basic
Obstacle Avoidance: 12 Sensor 360°C
front, rear, left, right, top, and bottom binocular vision sensing
6 Sensor 180°C
front,rear,bottom binocular vision sensing
Same Remote Controller
Price: Sold out Sold out

Autel EVO II Drone Details

Autel Robotics launched their new Autel EVO 2 drone at CES on Jan. 2020. It comes in three different variations that include up to 8K video and a thermal camera option.

The EVO 2 series drone features the longest battery life of any foldable drone (up to 40-minutes of flight time). With a top speed of 45mph and up to 9km range, you can now go further, faster.

Autel EVO II Flight details

EVO 2 presents an all-new sensor and storage package and omni-directional obstacle avoidance. We’re talking 12 computer vision sensors, 2 sonar sensors, and 2 LED landing lights, working together to create an aircraft with the best obstacle avoidance in the industry.

EVO 2 offers failsafe features letting you know when the battery is low and when it’s time to return to home. We’ve also added 8GB of internal storage as well as the ability to accept SD cards up to 256GB.

Follow subjects autonomously around obstacles at high speeds using Autel’s patented Dynamic Track 2.0™ and watch as AI technology creates smart flight paths in real time. Dual-core powered object detection recognizes up to 64 subjects at once including people, vehicles, and animals.

EVO II Cameras Specs:

  • EVO 2 is equipped with an 8K camera capable of 48MP stills
  • EVO 2 Pro is equipped with a 1" 6K camera with an adjustable aperture of f/2.8 - f/11
  • EVO 2 Dual is equipped with a Flir Boson sensor and our EVO 2 8K camera capable of simultaneous recording.

Autel evo ii three cameras

Evo II

  • 8k video, 1/2″ CMOS sensor, 48 million effective pixels
  • ISO Range: 100-3200, Max resolution: 8000×6000, Bitrate: 120mbps, 10-bit

Evo II Pro

  • 6k video,1″ CMOS sensor, 20 million effective pixels,
  • ISO range: 100-12800, Max resolution: 5472×3648, Bitrate: 120mbps, 10-bit, Adjustable aperture: f/2.8-f/11

Evo II Dual

  • Sensors: 1/2″ CMOS + FLIR LWR, ISO: 100-3200,
  • Max Resolution: 8000×6000 (visual), 640×512 (IR), Bitrate: 120mbps, 10-bit

Autel EVO I Drone Details

EVO equipped a powerful camera on a 3-axis stabilize gimbal that records video at 4k resolution up to 60 frames per second and a recording speed up to 100mbps in an H.264 or H.265 codec. Using real-glass optics EVO captures stunning photos at 12 megapixels with a wide dynamic range for more details and color.

Autel EVO Drone details

Integrated advanced computer vision systems provide forward obstacle avoidance, rear obstacle detection and bottom sensors for more accurate landings and stable indoor flights.

EVO boasts flight times up to 30 minutes with a range of 4.3 miles (7KM). Additionally, EVO offers failsafe features letting you know when the battery is low and it’s time to return home.


  • Compact, folding design.
  • Stable 4K video at up to 60fps.
  • Log video profile.
  • Supports UHD and DCI formats.
  • Obstacle avoidance system.
  • Solid battery life.
  • Works with or without a smartphone.


  • Default video profile appears oversharpened.
  • Memory card door is very tight.
  • Not as many safety features as other drones.

Similarities and Differences between the EVO II VS EVO I Drones

Watch this EVO comparison clip first:

Among the Two drones, the EVO drone is the most basic and the most advanced scanner is the EVO II. These two drones share some features such as Flight Modes, 3.3 inch OLED display controller remote, low power/no signal auto-return, all is 3-axis gimbal, and have Smart Flight System Modules information system.

Besides having the same features, these drones also has 3 main difference. From the above video and comparison chart, we can get a great conclusion

Top 1 Difference| Camera and resolution

Top 2 Difference| Flight time and distance

Top 3 Difference| safety & stability

Autel has upgraded all the airframe with completely different hardware and technology. The drone is much bigger with a larger wingspan.

They now have things like 12optical sensors all the way around, not just one on the sides. Evo 2 has a full omni directional computer vision for obstacle avoidance and tracking.


When choosing a drone between these two drones, you should ensure that you select a drone that has the features and functions that you desire. Also, have a budget in mind so that you don’t end up choosing the wrong drone. If you want a higher cost-effective drone with a budget less than $1.5k, then you should go for the Autel EVO drone. But if you want a more advanced and can experience 8k, then the Autel EVO II is the drone for you.

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