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Drone Communication: LTE-4G Dongle

The image transmission control of drones and remote controllers relies on electromagnetic waves, the most common being 2.4GH and 5.8GHz. The drone signal is easily affected by the environment. When the drone loses the signal, the 4G dongle will take over and continue the signal flight.

What is a dongle for drone?

A 4G LTE dongle is a portable modem that allows you to access the internet using a cellular data network. 4G LTE dongles typically require a SIM card and a data plan from a mobile network operator.

The dongle only kicks in when the radio signal drops between the controller and the drone. It then uses 4G network to transfer both video and control command between the drone and the controller.

The range of the remote control is always limited, and the addition of a 4G dongle will allow users to fly "without boundaries".

How does the 4G dongle work?

Take the DJI Mavic 3 China version as an example, buy a DJI dongle and insert the dongle into the back panel of the remote control of the drone. The current 4G LTE dongle is suitable for RC-N1 and RC-PRO controllers. Then turn on the Enhanced Transfer button in the camera view settings. Once the remote control signal of the drone is weakened or even lost, the 4G dongle will enable the 4G signal to work.

Suitability of 4G dongle?

4G dongles can be purchased on AliExpress, but only select regions will work.

Can Autel MAX 4T enable 4G dongle?

As a leading autonomous drone, Autel MAX 4T is equipped with Autel Smart Remote Control V3, which has 4G module integration, which also means that Autel MAX 4T can enable 4G dongle, it is only a matter of time. In the future, 4G drones and 5G drones will better expand the possibility of drone flight and prepare for long-range drones. As for the 4G global communication range of Autel MAX 4T, it will be adapted according to local regulations, so stay tuned!

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