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Top 3 Drone Mapping Apps for Autel Drones

Top 3 Drone Mapping Apps for Autel Drones

Mapping drones have become an essential tool for many industries. As the drone mapping market continues to grow, the field of drone mapping software has also seen a boom. Here, we will explain the top 3 drone mapping apps for Autel drones.

Autel mapping drones can help you capture accurate, high-quality data, streamline your workflow, and make informed decisions. Autel RTK drones capture data information with both precision and accuracy, and drone mapping apps process the data to ultimately obtain 2D/3D model maps.

Top mapping software for Autel drones in 2024, including DroneDeploy, Pix4D, and Autel Mapper App.



DroneDeploy is one of the most commonly used software in drone mapping applications, with a large number of users and high praise. DroneDeploy is a cloud-based mapping software that can integrate with other drone applications and even allows customization, which is user-friendly.

DroneDeploy allows you to upload photos directly from the drone to generate orthophotos without georeferencing. DroneDeploy can generate a variety of maps to meet your business needs, including orthophotos, terrain models, 3D models, and NDVI analysis.

DroneDeploy can also assist you during the drone flight, perform pre-flight and in-flight safety checks, and help you monitor the condition of the drone.

DroneDeploy's mapping options allow you to measure and annotate the mapping process, highlight important areas, assign to-do items, or other items. DroneDeploy mapping software has a wide range of export options, including .jpg, .obj, .las, .tif, and other file formats.

DroneDeploy offers a free "Explorer" subscription. The free version of DroneDeploy allows you to process five maps and models per month, with a resolution limit of 5 cm/pixel. In addition, professional and business versions are included. The business package is $299/month, with a resolution of up to 1 cm/pixel, and also allows you to export shapefiles and .dxf files.

DroneDeploy is a cloud-based or all-in-one software that helps pilots plan missions, fly, and automatically upload data to a cloud processor. However, when the network signal is poor, the results of surveying, mapping and 3D modeling in complex environments are not ideal.

DroneDeploy performs volume measurements based on digital surface models rather than point clouds. It is more suitable for beginners and those who want to perform volume measurements.

Pix 4D Mapper

Pix 4D Mapper

Pix4D is the most popular drone mapping software on the market, providing a variety of software products that are suitable for most popular mapping drones, helping you combine with images captured by Autel drones to get everything you need.

Pix4D offers a variety of software products, PIX4Dcloud, PIX4Dcatch, PIX4Dmatic, Pix4D Mapper each has its own advantages and disadvantages. These applications can be used for specific purposes, such as photo-realistic 3D modeling and agricultural mapping.

Pix4D React can quickly process drone images and generate orthophotos, however, it does not have the ability to perform georeferencing.

Pix4d Mapper allows drone pilots to create any deliverables, change processing parameters, and turn "junk" data into good data.

Pix4DMapper offers the most flexibility in creating deliverables such as orthophotos, point clouds, DSMs, DTMs, topographic maps, 3D textured meshes, video animations, and video game environments.

Pix4D charges for different packages, such as the Pix4D model package for just $49 per month, while the Pix4Dmapper Pro package starts at $350 per month. Pix 4D’s packages also provide access to other key features such as CAD overlays, web sharing, NDVI mapping, and DTM and DSM visualization. The Pro package even offers high-tech mapping features such as thermal imaging, making it a popular choice for fields ranging from mining to forensics.

One potential downside of Pix4D is that some features are limited to desktop or cloud. For example, NDVI mapping and 2D vector output are only available on the desktop—and this lack of cloud support can overload your computer if you’re not careful.

Autel Mapper

Autel Mapper

Autel Mapper is Autel Robotics’ mapping software for Autel drones, providing state-of-the-art PC model reconstruction and including a free three-month trial.

Ideal for professionals who need high-quality 2D and 3D models from drone imagery, Autel Mapper software combines the latest deep learning and traditional algorithms to improve reconstruction quality and efficiency in a variety of applications.

Fast and accurate model generation: Leverage advanced AI deep learning algorithms for fast and accurate 2D and 3D reconstruction, ensuring best-in-class model quality.

Enhanced 3D modeling: Fusion of traditional and deep learning algorithms to improve the integrity of 3D models, with quality that can be adjusted to suit different industry needs.

Accurate 2D reconstruction: Leverage deep learning technology to adapt AI algorithms to specific scenarios for accurate reconstruction without GCPs.

Efficient aerial triangulation: Adapts to a variety of camera types and intelligently handles large amounts of data, ensuring efficient management of data sets.

Real-time 2D stitching: Real-time streaming of drone images and immediate 2D stitching, using sophisticated algorithms to obtain high-precision orthophotos.

Fast stitching process: Supports batch processing of Autel drone images, using advanced orthorectification algorithms to quickly generate 2D maps and renderings.

Flexible and scalable: Simplifies project management through easy data import/export and integration of network and cloud functions.

User-friendly workflow: Provides an intuitive interface and workflow that allows users to easily browse and manage projects.

Cloud optimization: Leverages cloud computing to accelerate rendering and output, simplifying project completion.

Autel Mapper software has centimeter-level accuracy (1:500 mapping accuracy) and supports output formats such as B3DM, OSGB, OBJ, PLY, GeoTIFF, DOM, DSM, 2.5D visualization PNTS, LAS, XYZ.

Autel Mapper mapping software paid packages are currently divided into Autel Mapper Perpetual, priced at $3,599.00. Autel Mapper Yearly Subscription, priced at $1,490.00. Autel Mapper Monthly Subscription is available for $149.00.

Autel Mapper software provides full functionality for 2D and 3D mapping, aerial triangulation, and assessment. This will provide accurate data models for applications such as public safety, mapping, search and rescue, and power line inspection.

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How to find the best drone mapping software?

Drone mapping involves three important steps: mission planning, capturing media, and processing drone data. Drone mapping software focuses on drone image data processing, and finally generates effective and reliable 2D maps or 3D models to generate insights and deliver deliverables to customers.

Finding the best drone mapping software requires considering multiple factors, including functional requirements, usability, budget, ease of use, compatibility, and customer support.

best drone mapping software

Usability/Ease of Use

Drone mapping software should have good usability and ease of use. An intuitive and user-friendly interface is the first step, which allows both novice and experienced users to navigate and operate efficiently. The second is to provide optimized workflows in flight planning, data collection, and processing.

Most drone mapping software is PC-side software, which requires good software compatibility, as much automation as possible, fast and efficient data processing, simplifying repetitive tasks and improving efficiency.

Output and functional requirements

The quality of the output generated by the software is critical for accurate mapping and analysis. What output functions do you need for drone mapping software? This includes orthophotos (mosaic orthophotos), DEMs (digital elevation models), point clouds, and 3D models.

Drone mapping software has better integrated coverage, and seamless integration with GIS (geographic information system) and CAD (computer-aided design) or other software used in other industries is essential for interoperability and data exchange.

Quality control and technical support

Quality control tools help ensure the accuracy and reliability of processed data. This may include checking geometric accuracy, consistency of overlapping images, and verification with ground control points or reference data sets. The software should provide visualization tools and indicators to evaluate output quality and identify any errors or anomalies.

Drone mapping software may be more troublesome to operate in the early stage, which requires technical support. Choose a vendor that provides good technical support and training resources, enter an active user community and learn rich online resources to ensure timely help when encountering problems.

Cost Budget

Drone pilots or ground assessors can choose the right drone mapping software based on their budget, taking into account a one-time purchase fee or a subscription model. Many drone mapping software also offer free trials, which drone pilots can try out to evaluate their functionality and ease of use.


The right drone mapping software can have a significant impact on your operations, helping you capture accurate, high-quality data, streamline workflows, and make informed decisions. In our test of Autel drone mapping software, Autel Mapper software had better integration and the ability to redundancy drone image data.

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