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Autel EVO Lite+ 6k Camera Drones

Autel Drone Best Recommended Drone with Camera - Autel EVO Lite+

Flying a drone with a camera is fun. More and more people are turning to drones with cameras, and for many, it's a novel experience. Nearly 85% of consumer drones are drones with cameras.

As the popularity of drones with cameras continues to grow, drone brands are starting to catch up in drone camera lenses, gradually shifting from 1080p cameras to 4k cameras, and even 6k cameras, 8k cameras.

Picking The Best Drones With Cameras For You

Drones with cameras vary in quality and in price. The best price to choose a high-quality drone with a camera is $500-2000. Choose the drone with camera and video capabilities that works for you, a normal consumer drone will do. The EVO Nano series makes it possible. If you are looking for the resolution of a drone camera and the advanced features of a drone with a camera, then the EVO Lite+ is for you.

Drone with HD Camera--Autel EVO Lite+

With the continuous technological innovation of drone cameras, the best camera drones for outdoor photography have reached 4k cameras and even larger. The Autel EVO Lite+ from Autelrobotics drone company uses a 1-inch sensor and can shoot up to 20MP still photos and 6k/30fps video resolution.

As a professional aerial photography drone, Autel EVO Lite+ is loved by professional photographers. The 6k video with high-definition picture brings smooth and clear picture, with three-axis gimbal stabilization, it can capture static scenes or dynamic things well, and get amazing pictures.

Camera drone with 6k camera to capture jaw-dropping aerial photos, EVO Lite+ as a 6k drone with camera, renders smooth, highlights and shadows are excellent, and easy to edit with Autel Sky APP , for easy dissemination on social media.

EVO Lite+ also has three-way obstacle avoidance, dynamic tracking, 40-minute long sailing time, 12km long-distance image transmission, 7-level wind resistance, and one-key return. With the blessing of moonlight algorithm and RYYB mode, night shooting is also brilliant.


Autel Robotics EVO Lite+ Drone Premium Bundle


EVO Lite+ Premium Bundle for sale


Uses Of Drones With Cameras

Drones with cameras flying in the air just for photography? Not only that. The aerial view of the drone EVO Lite+ with a 6k camera is shocking and interesting. The EVO Lite Plus uses a zoom lens to magnify details, and the flight performance is also guaranteed.

One of the potential benefits of owning a drone with a camera is for real estate photography. Real estate photography provides a full view of your home, monitoring your property and operations. For drone photographers, the EVO Lite Plus can give you the advantage of a 6k picture for your wedding or event photography. Bring your photos taken with the Autel EVO Lite Plus to the competition.

Autel Robotics celebrates Autel Day with a drone photography competition--Autel Flight Club Video Contest, where drone users can use the EVO Lite Plus, a drone with a 6k camera, to participate in interesting aerial photography.

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