[Pre-Order] Autel EVO Max series multi-charger

Autel EVO Max series multi-charger package

[Pre-Order] Autel EVO Max series multi-charger

  • Overview
  • Autel EVO Max Series Multi-charger

    The Autel EVO Max series offers a versatile multi-charger, designed to provide convenient and efficient charging solutions. Here are the key features of the multi-charger:

    1. Simultaneous Charging: The multi-charger is capable of charging both the smart controller and batteries simultaneously. This feature allows users to optimize their charging time and ensures that all essential devices are ready for operation.
    2. Safe Power Management: The charger incorporates advanced power management technology to ensure safe and reliable charging. It monitors the charging process, regulates the power output, and provides protection against overcharging, overheating, and short circuits. This ensures the longevity and safety of the devices being charged.
    3. Triple Battery Charging: The multi-charger has the capacity to charge up to three batteries at the same time. This feature is especially beneficial for users who require multiple batteries for extended flight or shooting sessions. It eliminates the need for sequential charging and reduces downtime.
    4. Phone Charging Capability: In addition to charging the smart controller and batteries, the multi-charger also supports charging mobile phones. This versatility allows users to conveniently charge their phones while attending to other charging needs, further enhancing the usability and convenience of the charger.

    With its ability to simultaneously charge the smart controller, batteries, and even mobile phones, the Autel EVO Max multi-charger provides a comprehensive charging solution for users. Its emphasis on safety, multi-device support, and efficiency make it an ideal accessory for EVO Max series users.

  • Autel EVO Max series multi-charger specification

    Product Name Multi-charger For EVO Max Series
    Compatible Model EVO Max Series Battery
    Operating Temperature 0-40℃
    AC Input Voltage 100V-240V~2.5A 50Hz/60Hz 230W
    USB Type-C Input 9V~3A; 12V~3A; 15V~3A; 20V~5A
    USB Type-C Output 5V⎓2A; 9V⎓3A; 12V⎓3A; 15V⎓3A; 20V⎓5A
    Charging Power Max. 120W (One Battery)
    Max. 200W (Multi-battery)
    Product Dimension 151×75×60 mm (Product)
    Package Dimension 175×98×88mm
    Product Weight 560g ±10%(excluding cables)
    Charging Time One battery: 60-70 mins
    Two batteries: 100-110 mins
    Three batteries: 100-110 mins